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Greetings Hive!

We warmly welcome you to Architecture+Design, your dedicated Hive Blockchain community covering digital content from various international locations around the world about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

To celebrate this week's Architecture Brew, we're truly delighted to report to you EDITION #67 featuring our Top 3 publications:

image.png 1. An ecological park with breathtaking proportions from Venezuela
image.png 2. A historic village from the South Korean island of Jeju
image.png 3. A stunning building of modern character from Bulgaria

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations to all selected authors and their curated posts!

Our Champions for the Week:

(May 9 - 15, 2022)


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While La Llovizna was born as an ecotourism project to create an entertainment space for citizens and tourists. This is how the architect Rafael Mendoza and the engineer José Antonio Gómez, were in charge of the planning and construction of the park, located in a strategic point, where nature was used as a tourist attraction in the area, and is that the park is distributed in an area of 200 hectares, The park is distributed in an area of 200 hectares, among some 30 islands, where the Caroní River flows, and of course the main attraction is the La Llovizna waterfall, named after the spray of water that one feels when you are in one of the tourist stops, appreciating the magnificent waterfall of 20 meters of waterfall.


arkicarls - silver mark.jpg

According to the local guide, the Korean government supports the villagers with free tuition, electricity, water, and monthly allowance to keep this place preserved and remain a cultural destination. Isn't it amazing? No wonder why the village has been preserved over the years since the Joesen Dynasty. I just hope our country will have this kind of support. Cultures are unique. Traditions are precious. What makes a place exceptional is not just the facade of new buildings but a place where there's a story to tell to the people. Architecture should be more than just aesthetics, modernization, or whatsoever alone it should also celebrate cultural preservation, restoration, and protection.


soulsdetour - bronze mark.jpg

The Marine Station, established to serve cruise travels, was put into operation at the end of 2013 and I think that makes it a little 'older' than the building I showed you before. So, that's all I could find as information on the net.That's why, let's just take a look at its amazing facade first. Water or sky? Sea or heaven? What comes first? And what is more important here, in this view? The construction itself, of course! That's the perfect mirror, in which you can see everything that happens and is located in front of the building - the permanent fishermen, the alley, the calm water of the port, the port facilities on the other side of the water...


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@wilfredocavOrinokia Mall [ENG/ESP]Venezuela

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