Architecture+Design Community Contest: My Memorable Experience of a Hotel Design

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Hello Hive!

It is time for a new community contest! Our contest topic will stir up nostalgia and a longing to escape. Given the limitations in overseas travel as a result of the pandemic, we are sure most of us have been craving a lovely vacation from all of this madness.

A perfect getaway destination. Our fifth contest topic will highlight the importance of Hotel Design.


New Contest Topic - My Memorable Experience of a Hotel Design

How does the design and planning of a hotel affect my stay?

The hotel design industry is complex. There are consultants involved in the project that implement hotel brand strategies while designers and architects are in charge of ensuring these brand standards are met diligently and are well-executed. It encompasses proper space planning, the interior design of each room, and careful selection of materials, sanitary fixtures down to each equipment and accessories.


For our latest contest, we're dropping in a twist. We would like to read about Your Personal Experience of an Unforgettable Hotel Stay.

  • Share a minimum of three (3) photos of the hotel you stayed in that you wish to feature.
  • Write about why you chose this particular hotel and its design features that made an impact on you.
  • Define the "Wow Factor" in this hotel. Describe what makes this property unique.
  • Narrate your hotel stay experience. Were you traveling for business or for leisure? Was it from a reputable hotel brand or an Airbnb? What are the basic requirements and important needs that you're looking for when booking a hotel stay?
  • Mention improvements in design or amenities (if any) that would further enhance your hotel experience.

As an example, check out this Hotel Design Post by @storiesoferne
Architecture Moments™ 2: Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Contest Mechanics

The contest is open for the submission of entries for seven (7) days from the published date. It will automatically be closed for review after a week.

In order to successfully qualify in the selection process, each entry should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Subscribe to the Architecture+Design Community
  • Your entry should be published to the Architecture+Design Community
  • Create a separate blog post for your contest entry
  • Your entry must contain owned and original photos. If they were taken by a companion during your hotel stay, ensure you have permission to use these photos and mention photo credit.
  • The link to your blog contest entry must be entered and shared in the comments section of this contest announcement post.
  • Your contest entry must have written content of Not less than 500 words. English is the official language for this contest. For bilingual content, provide an English translation. There must be not less than 500 words in English and 500 words in the corresponding language.
  • Use the following tags at the end of your contest entry: #aplusd #aplusdcontest #architecture #design #hoteldesign
  • All published content for this contest must be your own work. Plagiarism is not allowed and we will disqualify such entries.

We invite all interested content creators on the Hive Blockchain to join!

Contest Prize Pool

Liquid Hive tokens are allotted for the contest winners as follows:

Gold Mark - 10 Hives
Silver Mark - 7 Hives
Bronze Mark - 5 Hives

Contest Winners will be announced in the succeeding weeks. We are excited and we look forward to your creative contest entries!!

We welcome sponsors who would like to contribute to our community for future contest prizes. We are extremely grateful for your continuous support and for your active participation in the community.

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I wanted to ask if I present a hotel that I have not been to, but if my niece, could I make a ticket for the challenge? @aplusd
My last hotels have been in a camping store, (haha it also has design)
Happy week

 last year  

Hello @txatxy, thank you for expressing your interest in joining the contest. We would prefer the hotel design influence to come from the personal experience of the authors themselves. We do hope you join the fun because it's always interesting to read about your views on design and architecture.

hello I understand perfectly, that's why I asked.
my hotels lately were designed in fabric and aluminum haha
a good hotel to be in nature.
but be sure that I will continue making my tickets for you
happy day and thank you

I am excited literally! It definitely stirred nostalgia. Eager to participate! @aplusd

 last year  

Hello @sahiba-rana, we look forward to reading your entry :)

 last year  

Hello @sahiba-rana, we're glad to receive your entry :)

I'm sorry I noticed your wonderful competition late! Probably I won't have time to write ?

 last year  

We'd love to have you join us for the next contest :)

Darn, that reminds me of my thesis project, I have done my thesis on 5star Hotel. I have written about it on hive before, approx 2 years ago I guess. I wish I could participate :P

 last year  

Hope you could participate, @priyanarc

@aplusd this is actually interesting. Gonna run for my gallery to search out the best of moments and experiences.

 last year  

We wonder which hotel you're going to feature. Can't wait to read your post! :)

 last year  

That was an awesome entry! Cheers :)

Thank you, it was a wonderful time and can't wait to jetset across the globe again

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It is a pity that I am not qualified enough in the field of architecture and design, but, I would move away from gray tones and from the loft, replacing them with pleasing pastel colors, or, conversely, something bright and flashy, like Khokhloma, for those who loves an explosion of emotions.

 last year  

Hello @barski, we look forward to having you join us next time, everyone is welcome to talk about architecture and design.

Thank you very much, my friend, for the invitation. I didn’t forget about it, but there were difficult days and I didn’t have enough time and energy to publish. See you soon, have a great weekend!