Hidayath Trade Center where customers can buy the goods they need at one place..

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How are you Hivers? I hope you are enjoying this weekend with loved once. This Saturday morning, which was another beautiful weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a shopping complex full of beautiful architectural elements in the Galle district of Sri Lanka. After a busy week, a weekend is sure to be everyone's hope. Because there is an opportunity to go on beautiful trips with loved ones and stay at home. The Hidayath Trade Center is located at the Thani polgaha junction, a little beyond the city of Galle in the Galle district. Hidayath Trade Center Mall is a multi-storied establishment. The owner is a Muslim Sri Lankan. Several popular brand name boards are displayed on the front wall of the entrance. A special feature is that the Sri Lankan national flag is displayed in front of the entrance gate, leading the Sri Lankan tradition.



The front of this commercial complex is painted in red which makes it more attractive. Also, having an ATM near the mall will surely reach more customers. The ground floor of this mall is completely covered with transparent glass. A roof made of glass can also be seen near the entrance door. At the lower part of the building, you can see the CFL lamps hanging down to increase the light at night.


In the past it was called Hidayat Trade Center but nowadays it is also called Ceylon City Mart. Customers feel more comfortable by providing enough space for parking. Due to the unique opportunity that customers get to buy all the products they need from one place, more and more customers are seen here.


We entered through the entrance of the establishment to purchase our necessities. Two receptionists and several cashier windows are seen in these establishments. Also the stairs to go to the upper floors could be seen. The cashiers had set up several windows to protect the valuable time of the customers. It is sure to be convenient for customers. The shopping complex is constantly being cleaned, so it is quite hygienic.


It is remarkable how different items are displayed on each floor. To increase the strength of the upper flowers, the concrete pillars from the bottom to the top are arranged in a strong manner. The top floor features a concrete ceiling.


The ground floor is completely reserved for food and beverage. Customers can buy all types of food and beverages from this Foodcity mall. Several trolleys are also allocated here to keep several bundles at the same time, which makes it more convenient for the customers. There is a staircase on the left to go to the upper floors, and a separate staircase on the right to go from the top to the bottom.



A separate window can be seen in this mall to protect the luggage taken outside. Although it is known as Ceylon City Mart, many people know it as Hidayath Trade Centre. The entire floor of the mall is covered with ceramic tiles. It is also more convenient for customers to have iron fences built on both sides to walk safely on the stairs. The risk of customers falling down has been reduced by covering glass between the iron fences.



Similar to the front wall of this mall, the interior walls also display various popular brands. This brand promotion is especially notable for the products we sell in this mall. Seeing these brand boards on display will surely make the customer want to buy them.



You can also see how name promotion, an essential key element in marketing, is prominently used in this organization. On further exploration, the ground floor is not only reserved for food and beverages. I saw that there is also a pharmacy there. There is also a booth to sell phones on the side. Also, a booth for providing internet facilities has been built separately while traveling up.



On top of the concrete ceiling, several shapes like pieces of milk rice have been created. They are creatively arranged in a proportional manner. Although the first floor was kept as an open area without being covered with glass, the second floor was completely covered with glass because of the types of clothes and shoes etc. there. A square shape can be seen in the concrete pillars that are designed to fit into each other.



The first floor is more attractive than the ground floor. Steel fences made of stainless steel can be seen everywhere, with glass coverings between them. Due to the light emitted from the electric lamps, the brightness of the ceramic tiles spread on the ground is reflecting more. I saw a large number of customers staying in this trade complex as well as many employees. Accordingly, this place can be mentioned as a place that provides more jobs.




This mall has a large area and people can see the goods they need everywhere. By selling them at a low price, the relief given to the consumers is huge. The benefit to the customer's wallet is beyond words because of the discounts that are available for purchasing more products. The customer has the opportunity to buy a lot of tools that are essential for the educational activities of school-age children as well as small children from this place. It is a unique opportunity to protect the valuable time and money of the customer.



Several types of bags designed according to the shapes of different animals that children like best can be seen in one exhibition section. Those bag designs are really attractive as well as their processing concept should be appreciated. The types of bags needed by adults could also be seen at this place. They have given consumers the freedom to choose.




A place has been reserved in this market complex to buy the items needed for exchange between lovers. Indeed, the goods can be seen attractively packed. The customer has the opportunity to buy many packages of products that are more attractive to lovers from this place. It is more important these days to have more discounts on them. Cashier points can be seen on the ground floor as well as on the upper floors. Accordingly, it can be concluded that for the goods related to each floor, money should be paid to the cashier point of that floor.






*The fact that each product is packed in a very attractive and orderly manner is a unique feature that can be seen in this establishment. It is also an important feature of this shopping complex to provide more light for the customers to easily choose the products they want. It is an important factor that the relevant discount percentage is displayed for the discounted products.


One of the main factors that should be commended is the fact that this organization is constantly providing transparent and clean efficient services to customers.





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The mall is spacious and has a wide variety of stores, the facade is beautiful and stands out for its vibrant colors; the malls I have visited in my city have the food fair at the top and also amusement park for children.


Yes this shopping mall has wide areas for different items. Customers have more chance to select quality goods spend few times. Hidayath trade center has beautiful facade with vibrant colors. Unfortunately they haven't any enjoyable children park to enjoy families. I believe they will provide park behind the shopping mall because they had enough space to build it.

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I think I might like a shelf full of lunch box products 😆

Yeah it's best part of this complex.

I love the red of the mall, it is very big, it seems to have a lot of daily attendance, good to know how are the entertainment places in different parts of the world, what country is this mall from?

This shopping complex located in Sri Lanka. Yeah it's big mall in our place. Many goods arrangements for customers with low prices.

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Shopping malls have become a place for recreation, this one you are showing looks very complete with a great variety of products.

Hi @dinaaczib, you are right. Hidayath trade center is a very well completed shopping mall which every goods are arranging nicely.

The perfect weekend gateaway. I love it and highly recommend.
Thanks for sharing

Of course dear. I highly recommend this shopping mall for buy every house necessities. You're welcome.

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