A Northern Gem

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That's right, welcome to Dewsbury, a small Yorkshire town very close to Leeds. You will see a town centre built out of yellowish brick and some Industrial and Victorian architecture.

We parked at the train station and crossed a busy road before stepping into the heart of the town. The first magnificent curved turn lured me with a typical victorian style. However, the brick gave a quality vibe as someone invested in the town back in the day. But I think there is an example of Georgian structure too.

"Ye Market Towne Ynne" would read as "The Market Town Inn". The details on the stone are beautifully preserved, even if the building is empty and unloved.

Unfortunately, there were too many empty buildings which did not deserve it.

The next grand building on the street looks like a Georgian or Italianate style. It reminds me of someplace in Germany. Could the German movement have inspired the architecture of those times? Has a german architect designed it?

Next to it is the white building. That's art deco at its finest.

We turned away from that gorgeous structure and continued towards the Town Hall, an excellent example of Victorian architecture. It is also a grade II listed, according to Wikipedia. The ironwork on the gate is worth the King's castle if you ask me.

Opposite the Town Hall is an office-type building blending in harmony with the surroundings. I like that the town preserves the architectural ensemble.

Continuing with our walk, we stumbled across the Dewsbury Market. It was built in 1904, the Edwardian era. The market is enormous! I was not feeling brave to step into the market. Otherwise, I would have enjoyed the interior.

Finally, we got to the part of the town I was looking forward to - Industrial! It is still Victorian going by the year on the building (1874). But this must have been a factory back in the day.

I quickly glanced to the left and found a "Dewsbury Pioneers Industrial Society Limited." I am not 100% sure about the architectural style, but it feels Italian and French. Exquisite details!

I wanted to see the stone sculptures I saw earlier. They were across the road from the Shoddy & Mungo. The lady's look scares me, but I like the modern addition.

We stayed here for a while, just like you would in the museum when admiring a piece of art.

We continued walking up Dewsbury Road, which offered more Victorian and Italianate architecture. It felt like Dewsbury was once an important town with reach investors. You can't help but think about the purposes for these buildings in the past. Were they factories?

When we were back at the train station, looking from the other side of the rails was this Italianate house. Notice the detail. I presume it is right above the door. It reads "Dieu et mon Droit" which translates to "God and my right."

Well, I would say it is a worthwhile visit to enjoy an architectural orgasm!

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Wow! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, @rimicane. I haven't been to Dewsbury in such a long time.

Annabelle 😊

Happy to have taken you back on memory lane! I have not gone that way for walk in the town. It was a good surprise, really enjoyed it! Darn, so many good places around the UK!

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🤍 Thanks!

I love this alley, it is old but still amazing!

Curves in architecture are too sexy!

Great post. I've never been to Dewsbury before but it looks lovely, and the architecture looks great ! The market in particular looks fantastic. And I had to laugh - would you buy anything made by shoddy manufacturers ? I wonder if the saying/use of the word is related to them at all ?

It really is a great place for diving into the Victorian/Italianate/Georgian era. I think Bradford would be good as well. And I think these two being so close to York, perhaps have some connection. Architecturally though, Dewsbury feels like it had a European influx. Maybe someone came from Europe and tried to make it look like home or something.

I wonder if the saying/use of the word is related to them at all ?

Ermm, good point. Although it sits on the facade rather proudly!

I've always dreamed of going to Europe to see how beautiful Victorian architecture is. But you make my dreams even more turbulent. How beautiful!

Awww, I am glad it takes you closer to your dream!

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Hi, thanks for pointing this out, I have seen the min, but somehow, my brain farted. My apologies. It has been rectified.

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Thanks, appreciate it!

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Beautiful architecture. Nice how the consistent brick and stone color throughout the town pulls it all together.

Right!? Must have been a wealthy sponsor!

Hey I know that town pronounced Dewzbri yea cuz all statements in UK yea are immediately followed by yea temp checks, yea.

hahha, yea! it is a funny thing these names, you never know the exact way of saying them. Yea?

Yawright, yokay?

= }


Wow.. Stunning architecture ..for sure, the history of the place is interesting too 😊

I agree! I did not find much about the history of the city, would have been nice to explore it by going into a museum.

Dewsbury is spell boundedly beautiful. The Architecture speaks volume about the history of this place.
Thanks for sharing such wonderful publication.
Have a good day @rimicane

I am glad you enjoyed it! It is fantastic to see such a splendid reaction to beautiful architecture.

Thank you for posting! Besides the architecture, this was a real treat for me as one of my grandparents was born there.

Oh wow! Have you ever visited the town in person?

Not yet. I was in Manchester/Salford in 2019 but I hadn't explored my genealogy enough to know about the Dewsbury connection. Next trip!

Really cool walk in this city with amazing buildings and streets (especially on your second photo). Yep the sculpture of woman would have been perfect for Halloween 😀

Ummm, Halloween... "what are you, love?", "em, you know, the statue of the lady in Dewsbury!" 🤣

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