REFLECTION HUNTERS CONTEST - Round 134: Reflections on the pier

in Shadow Hunters8 months ago (edited)

Sometimes beautiful things come without being planned or expected. It surprised you, and you couldn't deny it. No.. no.. actually, it doesn't give you any other choice but to love it. That's probably my story with reflections that I didn't plan to photograph when I left home for this pier. But those reflections seemed to be waiting for me to give me no choice but to love and photograph them.

Look at this. Initially I wanted to take a photo of the anchor on the boat, but after seeing the beautiful reflection of the anchor on the surface of the water, I switched and even forgot about the anchor on the boat.😁


This is also the case. Initially I wanted to take a photo of the hut floating on the water to introduce that it was a fish farming facility which is called a "keramba" here. It is a construction that can be said to be like a raft but is equipped with underwater nets to raise fish. The owner built a hut on the raft as a place to live while he worked and to store various necessary things. I lowered the camera position to shoot the reflection in full. How could I refuse something that I thought was so beautiful!


Then I saw many interesting reflections.






This is a kind of buoy for crossing to the "cage". At least there are reflections of the ropes there, but in the next image, the ropes and the reflection are almost indistinguishable.



While photographing the reflection in this picture, I saw a boat cruising next to where I was.


And look at that... the reflection of the boat gliding on the water and its passengers... I took lots of pictures for this scene... but I'll just show you two...



For all of that, I was the one who got a pleasant surprise. No.. no.. a surprise that gave me no choice but to love it.😊