My Entry for the Shadow Hunters Contest Round 171


🖤Hi Hive Friends! Today I come to share with you my entry for this contest that I think is wonderful to stimulate creativity, because when we set some parameters that in principle put some limits on us (such as: your photos should focus on the shadows), it turns out to be everything contrary to limiting, since these parameters make us have to open our minds to find new possibilities within those rules that we have to comply with. It is a perfect exercise! And precisely what happened to me this day when I went out to try to hunt some good shadow was that I felt I wasn't finding anything interesting.

🌚 Hola amigos de Hive! Hoy vengo a compartir con ustedes mi entrada para este concurso que me parece maravilloso para estimular la creatividad, pues cuando nos ponemos unos parámetros que en principio nos ponen algunos límites (como: tus fotos se deben centrar en las sombras), resulta ser todo lo contrario a limitante, pues estos parámetros nos hacen tener que abrir la mente para encontrar nuevas posibilidades dentro de esas reglas que tenemos que cumplir. Es un ejercicio perfecto! Y justamente lo que me pasó este día en que salí a tratar de cazar alguna buena sombra fue que sentía que no estaba encontrando nada interesante.


🌿But I was wrong, or maybe I was a bit uninspired at the time. I was wrong because in truth the interesting thing is to be able to find beauty in the small details. In this case, while experimenting with editing these photos a bit on my mobile, I took a closer look at how shadows stand out in the middle of the ground texture, and I loved that.

🍃Pero estaba equivocada, o quizás me encontraba un poco falta de inspiración en ese momento. Estaba equivocada porque en verdad lo interesante es poder encontrar la belleza en los pequeños detalles. En este caso, mientras experimentaba editando un poco estas fotos en mi móvil, me fijé más en cómo resaltan las sombras en medio de la textura del suelo, y eso me encantó.


🖤In the first photo, which will be my entry to the contest, I liked the shape my legs took and my shoes that became very cool boots drawn on these granite floor stairs. And in the others we can see the enormous shadow that this tree cast on the texture of the famous rosette tiles of Bilbao and an entire half of the avenue.

🌚En la primera foto, que será mi entrada al concurso, me gustó la forma que tomaron mis piernas y mis zapatos que se transformaron en unas botas muy cool dibujadas en estas escaleras de suelo de granito. Y en las otras podemos ver la enorme sombra que proyectaba este árbol sobre la textura de las famosas baldosas roseta de Bilbao y toda una mitad de la avenida.


🌿I want to say thanks to @melinda010100 for carrying out this contest and thanks to those who have read me for coming here and supporting me 😊 I hope we will meet again soon here on my blog. Have a beautiful afternoon. Hugs!🤗

🍃Gracias a @melinda010100 por llevar a cabo este concurso y gracias a quienes me hayan leído por llegar hasta aquí y apoyarme 😊 espero nos volvamos a encontrar pronto por acá en mi blog. Que tengan una hermosa tarde. Abrazos!🤗




Thank you team! 🙌

Sinceramente te felicito, a mi me encantó la forma de los zapatos, es un espectáculo

Muchas gracias @carolinacardoza 😊🤗 me alegra que te haya gustado. Jeje sí, eso me encantó de la sombra, mis zapatos se convirtieron en botas cool 😁 la realidad se transforma en el mundo de las sombras 🌚 gracias por pasar por aquí y comentar ✨

I must find some shadows also 🤗🤗👌👌

I love all these shadow photos! You did a really great job Shadow Hunting and your edits are wonderful. Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

Thank you Melinda! 🤗I'm so glad you like them! Ay first I wasn't very shure, that day I took many more photos but none if them convinced me, until I foun that tree and those stairs and used myself as Shadow model 😂 Hope your having a wonderful day ☀️🌻

I think you did great with these!

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Wow love all these shadow shots

Hello☀️ I'm so glad you like them 😊 thank you for stopping by and commenting ✨

My pleasure 😇

Very beautiful shadows here, i love it 😃

😁☀️ I very glad you liked them 🤗 I appreciate all your support so much ❤️❤️❤️

WOW, you really got some cool shadows good luck in the contest 👍

Yeah right? I think they are pretty simple and naive, but cool 😂 thank you very much for your comment and your good wishes 😊✨

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great shadows

Nice shot

Thank you! I'm glad you liked It 😁