Creative Coin Fund to Cease Operations; @cccf Funds Distributed to Delegators

in Creative Coin2 years ago

The Creative Coin Fund will cease all operations, effective immediately.

All funds in the @cccf account will be distributed to delegators, beginning this Monday, based on their percentage of the total 1.9 million Creative Coin delegated to the Fund.

All tokens, except Creative Coin and WIT, will be converted to Hive for the distribution.

The SWAP.MATIC placed as rewards on the new CCC:WIT liquidity pool will be distributed as planned over the remaining 93 days of the 100-day distribution contract.

The Fund invested a small amount in PolyCub. This will also be distributed, as Hive, to investors after the X block locking period.

I, @cliffagreen, am solely responsible for this decision. No one else associated with the Creative Coin Fund, as curator or partner, has anything to do with it.

I thought if I took a break, that I would come back refreshed and ready to go forward. It seemed that way when I started back on Monday. But my heart simply isn't in it any more.

I have put more than a third of my monthly income into the Fund since May of last year. I have completely drained my Hive Engine investments in the past few months, and my personal blogging has basically come to a standstill. It was fun (fascinating) to build the Fund and to network and engage with Hive in this way; I don't regret a minute of the past 10 months.

But there's no way I'm going to continue to do this. My own creative work is too important to me, and I'm no longer okay with going days without any cash in my bank account because I put it all into the Fund.

Creative Coin existed for two years before the Creative Coin Fund was set up, and it will continue after the Fund is gone.

It is time for someone else to take up the mantle.

Final snapshot of delegations. This is what your share of the @cccf funds will be based on.

@whatsup 31999.00000 CCC
@zedcell 20000 CCC
@cliffagreen 108839.00000 CCC
@abh12345.ccoin 104260.00000 CCC
@oadissin 1844.26607 CCC
@antisocialist 987.99482 CCC
@myothuzar 11278.72987 CCC
@seckorama 3600.00000 CCC
@oblivioncubed 10085.29046 CCC
@worldbuilder 50000.00000 CCC
@dera123 88010.22924 CCC
@bashadow 2300 CCC
@city-of-berlin 3007.41122 CCC
@melinda010100 24600.00000 CCC
@qwerrie 72329.35346 CCC
@kachinhenry 50000.00000 CCC
@paradigmprospect 1013.58654 CCC
@igormuba 10168.43184 CCC
@vintherinvest 1047.07405 CCC
@bhattg 1191.14607 CCC
@focus.folks 2006.01278 CCC
@victorbz 2849.52294 CCC
@barbara-orenya 37000 CCC
@quinnertronics 72.81177 CCC
@ylich 10000 CCC
@desro 2027.55982 CCC
@wwwiebe 39434.10979 CCC
@portal-xenna 164.59719 CCC
@shadowspub 57500.00000 CCC
@dawnoner 2000.00000 CCC
@creativecoin 250000 CCC
@ange.nkuru 10000.00000 CCC
@theia7 380000.00000 CCC
@ykretz 2685.92851 CCC
@dbooster 30271.71416 CCC
@hranhuk 1402 CCC
@lacking 17640.61445 CCC
@bryan-imhoff 2676.95158 CCC
@olgavita 247.29809 CCC
@edgy-ed-morrison 10000 CCC
@thisismylife 12027.79056 CCC
@an-man 2760.59928 CCC
@aleksandra.mart 1000 CCC
@marshmellowman 887.45404 CCC
@vcclothing 5000.00000 CCC 15.01375 CCC
@uncorked-reality 0.39370 CCC
@flaxz 371.53770 CCC
@allfabeta 1225.27142 CCC
@rayshiuimages 4000 CCC
@ambiguity 2307.94736 CCC
@elikast 631.64574 CCC
@patschwork 1300 CCC
@agreste 4832.90676 CCC
@alenox 427.21604 CCC
@aljif7 33323.83155 CCC
@fermentedphil 20767.49164 CCC
@amberyooper 21000 CCC
@basilmarples 3000 CCC
@ervin-lemark 10116.15637 CCC
@fiberfrau 200 CCC 5.80743 CCC
@stickupboys 14173.40065 CCC
@golden.future 1000 CCC
@tin.aung.soe 1000 CCC
@uthantzin 3693 CCC
@nilarwin 1605 CCC
@youarealive 0.26882 CCC
@nyinyiwin 60.74976 CCC
@juanvegetarian 939.75767 CCC
@myanmarkoko 10121.83662 CCC
@kemmyb 1324.00000 CCC
@nayhlaingsoe 552.45465 CCC
@htwegyi 3200 CCC
@yaziris 56.35848 CCC
@donjaun 2220 CCC
@crazy-andy 1444.58118 CCC
@reddragonfly 850.00000 CCC
@denmarkguy 1800.00000 CCC
@curatorcat 1600.00000 CCC
@shiftrox 372.46445 CCC
@curatorcat.ccc 60000 CCC
@esther-emmanuel 119.00000 CCC
@firstborn.pob 22.3477 CCC
@pthker2010 14.39122 CCC
@lordemmy 31.74542 CCC
@solairitas 1400 CCC
@sheinthu 993.10873 CCC
@ace108 4698 CCC
@joalheal 331.87175 CCC
@thekittygirl 4729.84742 CCC
@blueeyes8960 10000 CCC
@gentleshaid 1387.21234 CCC
@daveyjones7 37 CCC
@meesterboom 32677.21761 CCC
@mazquel 10000 CCC
@tezzmax 3000.00000 CCC
@kevmcc 2600 CCC
@adriangamerxd 75.73033 CCC
@johndieo 10070.48964 CCC
@oceanbee 159.02320 CCC
@moretea 140.23732 CCC
@coolguy123 163.40158 CCC
@chireerocks.ccc 835.64728 CCC
@liotes.voter 115.50708 CCC
@rocinanteprimo 0.77676 CCC
@lightcaptured 3790.50448 CCC
@marilour 2500.00000 CCC
@chireerocks 2819.23479 CCC
@littlebee4 210.65917 CCC
@pedrobrito2004 1000.00000 CCC
@carn 16000.00000 CCC 12790.00000 CCC
@hilbyguy 1100 CCC
@akumagai 74.30524 CCC
@penyaircyber 5054.86743 CCC
@b0s 419.13674 CCC
@dksart 1000 CCC
@mervinthepogi 1430.98563 CCC
@silentbot 10000 CCC
@stevieboyes 360.00000 CCC
@elemarg25 5000 CCC
@jesuspsoto 12782.77890 CCC
@alequandro 52891.15996 CCC
@buffalobison 50 CCC
@alchemystones 1400 CCC
@whitelightxpress 600 CCC
@cosmictriage 1100 CCC
@kryptik.tigrrr3d 1000 CCC
@azkabananas 689.53669 CCC


oh my. it seems to be a chain reaction of closing projects. sadly your heart is not in it, but I totally understand you, curation really drains one's energy, and if it doesnt reward you back.... it is all pretty understandable. my sorrow.

Oh what's happen 😥

I hope you always ok

I wish you that what you undertake from now on be fruitful, pleasant and with very good results.


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Change, the only constant in this universe! Thank you for your efforts and all the best for your next steps 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼

Ohh. Who's going to be the next one?

Thanks for everything. Best of luck in all your endeavors.

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Sad to hear. But thanks for letting us know.
Hope you find time for your own creativity again and won’t be drained out of income. You need to be in a better place than just survive.
Take care @cliffagreen

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I'm sure that was a difficult decision to make, but I'm also sure it was the right decision to make. It is absolutely never wrong to say 'no'. I'm glad you were able to take some positives from it. Good luck with your next steps!

That's sad news, but I can understand! Thanks for the effort you made and the time invested in it!

I’m sorry to hear things became overwhelming for you and I completely understand your decision. All the best to you in the future. And hey, maybe that means some more of your poetry in Blockchain Poets. Hope so.


You must be killin' it out here!
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Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Sorry to hear about this ending. 😥 Thank you for all your efforts input!

Thanks for the work you have done for the last while. Best wishes. Looking forward to your creativity coming and being shared with the Hive. Thanks.

Hello @cliffagreen. So sad to hear your project is ending. However, I understand when you're overloaded. I too had to drop some commitments in order to return and build up my account. It lagged for over a year. I'm slowly recovering and happy every day I made the decision.

I know I appreciate all the care you took to view my content and engage with me.

Good luck to you in your future projects and your journey on Hive. Hope to engage with you again soon. Take care.

I completely understand where you are at. Always choose joy @cliffagreen💗 Sending you much !LUV and I hope to be able to support your writing going forwards. Our own content creation is so important to so many of us. Thank you for everything that you have done with the fund and to support content creators. Time for you now. Go and reclaim your joy❣️ !ALIVE !PIZZA

@cccf! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (1/10)

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