Onboarding New users, quick start guide!

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So, I want to help onboard some new users, yet I know Hive can be difficult for people to wrap their heads around, there's so much to learn from different tokens to Keys and security, so let's do a quick start guide!

I'm going to "force" Hive onto a few projects by setting them up accounts and communities! So, if you're lucky enough to be spammed by Sloth with a new Hive account here's a guide for you!

What is Hive?

Hive is a decentralised (mainly blogging) blockchain.
Layer 1 includes all Hive / HBD and HP.

Hive-Engine provides the Layer 2 solutions most communities utilise for their tokens and platforms.

Use Hive Keychain for all things hive - Hive Keychain (Main Hive Wallet)

Why have you sent me 4 (8) keys AND a password??

First, you get a "master password" to unlock all your keys

  • Master Password - This can be used to reset your keys!

Your keys are your access and security to Hive chain.
You will receive a private (starting with 5) and public key for each level of access.

  • Memo - mostly useless.
  • Posting - Main key used for signing into platforms, no access other than to POST.
  • Active key - allows the sending of tokens/posting of votes.
  • OWNER key - this is the SUPER IMPORTANT one, don't shouldn't share with anyone!!

New accounts can be created HERE

IMPORTANT!!!! - If sloth set up your account see below.

Sloth, you sent me the keys, so he know's them too!

That's right, sneaky sloth can steal all your money! (Not really, if I've sent you the details, I've deleted them at my end, make sure to delete them in the dms too, and see below! PLEASE change your keys!!!)


A better idea. Head over to the permissions tab and CHANGE your keys and passwords!! Make sure to WRITE your NEW passwords / Keys and store them safely!

Whilst you're there, set up a recovery account, just in case, Slothbuzz is always available otherwise we recommend using "auto-recovery" from "arcange"

Buying Hive?

You can check Hive and price via Coinmarketcap, This also shows the available exchanges, from Bianance to Bitrex, personally, I use SimpleSwap for quick and easy swaps of most crypto tokens!

HP, Hive and HBD?

Before you go off exploring the various Hive frontends and communities, make sure to STAKE some HIVE to HP (Hive power) via your selected wallet. This will allow you to earn curation rewards and complete more transactions (Using your associated RC - resource credits! Free transactions WOO!)
Hive = Hive native currency.
HP = Hive power - decides your RC and voting power!
HBD = Hive back dollars - "stable" coin backed at $1

HiveEnginge also brings "layer 2" tokens, such as Slothbuzz, Leo and more! Crypto P2E / gaming projects should use the #hivegaming #thgaming #slothbuzz #leofinance and #cartel on blog posts for maximum views from gamers on Hive. (and start earning some layer 2 tokens, $thgaming, $slothbuzz and $leo!

Can I Hive from mobile?

Of course! There are a few options available for mobile (Be careful of SCAM apps that might be on the play store)

Hive Keychain (Main Hive Wallet - Desktop)
Mobile: Google Play / iOS store

I recommend the Ececny App for Social media surfing - iOS
Can't find the Android app, but it's there somewhere, I think!
A win for Apple for a change.

Well that should get you covered for "starting" on Hive, now it's time to explore communities and other tokens! There's LOADs to get involved with! Start by making an "introduction" post! What better way to begin your journey?
Then come join the sloth at Sloth.Buzz!


Great info, people forget that when people signup here it is a frighteningly complex place and some people will take one look and go nah, not for me!

Anything that helps is a great thing in my book!

Yeah, it’s a daunting process getting into everything, surprisingly easy when you know how (the basics at least). We should be happy things are constantly evolving, almost more opportunities to share info some may have overlook.

Yes opportunities abound, I am discovering new ones everyday!

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I just today stumbled onto engage.hivechain.app, nice little tool to hep manage your engagements!

Ah yes, I keep meaning to look at that one!

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Highly recommend from my first days experience with it! Allowed me to catch a few “missed” notifications that I otherwise would have ignored! Helps you engage for sure!

That sounds cool, I am always missing notifications, well not sure if missed or I just don't answer them.
#mybad 😮

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