A book about our toxic culture

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This is the most recent book that Gabor Maté has written in collaboration with his son Daniel Maté. I have found it to be very interesting as it unfolds uncomfortable truths about the society that we are currently living in.


I have decided to approach my book reviews a bit differently as in taking more creative photos and exploring book photography at a higher level.




I might not say something new when I state that today’s society is toxic. We have normalized things like exposing your private life on social media and adapting it in order to gain likes, we have put phones in hands of children as a way of escaping the burdens of parenthood, we are lonelier than ever yet we cling to the illusion that the apps are filled with options from which we can pick in an arrogant way. Love relationships are lacking real intimacy as often people have to tell the other to put the damn phone away and come back to the real life. Absurd! Suicide rates have gone rocket high when it comes to teenagers and communication and meaningful dialogue have become rare because a lot of people do not know how to engage in a meaningful interaction beyond the shallow social media model they have imitated for so long.



This is not a comfortable reading. If you are a mother or father reading this will show you how you contributed to your child’s misery and explain their struggle in life. If you are an adult you will see how the way your parents related to you emotionally (or not) brought you in your current misery, be it financial, emotional, spiritual. Will you be the same for your children? A parent that they will need to heal from in therapy because of how your parents failed to raise you?




WE NEED A DIFFERENT SOCIETY. This is the core message of this book. We need a society with principles that put parenthood and raising a child as the top priority, where authenticity is more valuable than the fancy masks we are taught to wear. We need a society where self-awareness and emotional intelligence are core ideas taught in schools. We need a compassionate inquiry ( a special methodology developed by Gabor) in order to check with ourselves when we are crossing our own boundaries and saying yes when in fact we want to say no. If nothing changes I agree with Gabor that we will continue to see a very high rise in mental illness and suicide rates in the upcoming years and more adults that lack the capacity to form relationships and build a family.


The book seems to generalized the idea of parenthood. The cultural background and society does play a role in upbringing of a kid. I believe this book has taken a nuclear families as reference. And excluded the extended/ joint family

I am not saying one is better than other but both have pros and cons. I haven't read the book and this is a speculation based on your post.

But I am totally with you on the point that society is toxic as sulphur mine. And social media is just a dump ground of toxic waste.. Affecting the mindset of the people. Imagine someone who has been feeding off on the sm content.

....Really sorry for ranting here.


There is also a talk about the influence of our peers and the impact of the extended family. A lot of kids have been saved by the fact that they had a good teacher or a good role model outside of their disturbed family of origin. The book is very complex and I am sure that it will make you wonder about many things happening in today's world.

I am intrigued, let me search for this one and see for myself. There is always opportunity for learning and growing. Let's see if I am still a good reader or I need to improve that also.

Just out of curiosity, what made you pick this book? I sure there must be 100 other books to read but why this one? It is okay you dont have to answer this if you dont want to.

I am a fan of Gabor Mate's work and this is his latest release

I'm in the process of reading this book right now! It's interesting and quite relevant. I've gotten a lot out of it already and I'm just over half way through. Your photos are very artistic!

Thank you, I put my best creative inspiration in the book photos!

Wowww I should really get on this. I’ve never actually read Gabor Mate despite watching him a bunch and I’ve been looking my whole life to express to my parents subtly that they kind of fucked me up but that I don’t blame them and they shouldn’t blamed themselves and I’m ok and even awesome now and that’s also influenced by them. Would this be a horrible gift to ones parents?

I think it would make a very good gift because it will help anyone understand their own trauma and perhaps why they might have traumatized another therefore perpetuating toxic patterns

This book is actually powerful and every parent or intending parent should get to read it

Yes! Thank you for stopping by!

A lot of kids are now exposed to the things that they ain’t supposed to be exposed to. People now rant their shameful things online cos they are shameless. We’ve lost morals and it is really sad
The younger ones will be the ones to suffer more

Ranting goes hand in hand with shame. We are living challenging times when adults should really monitor their own behaviour and check their own toxic personality before even trying to conceive.


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