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Reading is an important virtue and It has helped in so many ways. To me, picking up a book to read its one of the most confident thing to do because it requires a lot of patience to concentrate on the book so knowledge can be acquired. It has developed so many minds, gives us endless knowledge and lesson to keep our mind active. Reading has help to improve communication skills, increase intelligence and also helped in research.

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I can read anytime, anywhere, be it morning, afternoon, evening or night. But my favourite time of reading is when I am less busy, right inside my room knowing I won't be hearing the echoes of my name coming from my parents room and ensuring my siblings wouldn't be seeking for my attention anytime soon. And I love it more when it's evening time, with my windows wide open inviting the wind in.

I love it more if its under a tree or a garden rather than the comfort of my room, cause it gives me clear imaginations of things and characters in a book.


The First thing that interest me in a book is the writer's introduction, setting and summary of the book. Because it gives me little or more ideas of what the book is about, and then the characters, especially when it has to do with the relationship of the protagonist and antagonist of a novel.

I also enjoy a book when there's romance and suspense and especially when it's more of comedy or tragic-comedy than tragedy, and I enjoy a book more when it's a nonfiction novel and has to deal with more of reality, highly motivated with inspiration and of course lessons to be learnt.


I can read anywhere, be it before bed, on the bus on my way to work or outdoors. but it depends on the contents of the book, if its interesting and especially if I am enjoying the book, and yes, I love and prefer reading outdoors most times when it's evening or night with the comfort of the wind, moon and stars.but my very own favourite is indoor, having the whole house to myself and total quiteness.


Yes, I focus on character development, thoughtful messages, the level of intrigue a plot generates in me, suspense, romance, Excellent characterization, settings, contents of the book, new words and especially lessons learnt from a book. Example," attitude is everything, think big, Lord of the flies, e.t.c.

But I focus more on thoughtful messages, and the level of intrigue a plot generates in me because that increases my interest, enjoyment and knowledge in the pages of a book. When a writer includes real life experience filled with challenges and positive outcome at the end, it gives me ideas, strategy and answers if I have the same situation of the character, be it first person Narrative or the usual.

When a book is without thoughtful messages, intrigue, character development, suspense, and lessons to be learnt, I find it less enjoyable and boring but still turns and read the pages to the end.

Reading has done more good than harm in the world. I'm inviting @rufans, @emeka4 to join the @hive-180164 Community Contest #3 All About Readers


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You can read on a bus?, wow you must have quite the ability to concentrate 💯 I have tried a few times to read in cars usually while on distant travel journeys but I'm hardly able to concentrate so I normally just end up plunging in my earpiece instead.
Nice entry to the contest and good luck.

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😂😂😂 It was funny when you said you read at a time you won't be hearing the echo of your name from your parents, that thing can make one loss focus on a book seriously.

Reading in a garden or under a tree is something I'm yet to try out, I'm sure it gives a different feeling to reading.

I see you love the romance and suspense type of books, same here 😊 so what's you're favorite book? Mind telling me 😃

Great entry by the way, all the best in the contest

Thanks !LOLZ

My favourite novel is INDEPENDENCE by Sarah Ladipo... I Just read it of recent though

How long is one minute?
It depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.

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Wow I know that book, nice favorite you have 😊

Yes.... What about you?!

The Mirror image, it's been a long time I read it and it's storyline is still in my head

Okay.. I'm gonna get it.

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A taxidermist takes only your skin.

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Shit! I don't think I have met up to 3 persons who have successfully read your favorite book. I haven't either. I don't know why that book bores me to death even by mere picking it up from my shelf. I need deliverance 🥺🤦

It's nice that you like to read where there is wind. I am quite the opposite, the wind distracts me from reading 😂


We are different.. You know! Sometimes I love to read while listening to Yanni. It keeps me calm.

I understand 25 letters of the alphabet.
I still can't figure out y.

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That's right :) Although I love Yanni's music. I just don't listen to it while reading :)

writer's introduction, setting and summary of the book.

Do you know I usually skip this part of any book? I always feel they will give me spoilers. I often want to keep the character development on its own. So that as I go on, I'll be curious about the rest of the book. I do not need the motivation of a summary to digest a book. Do you think that's a odd way to pick a book and read?

Exploring outdoor reading options is something I struggle with sometimes. Indoor seems to be the most peaceful and calm option right now for me. We have a tree, I should try reading under it on a cool weather day.

Your concentration and focus while reading are quite commendable especially with the analogy of your parents calling out your name and your inability to hear them. I actually laughed at that 😅
This was a beautiful post, I must say @ehizgabriel

That's sweet of you

Thanks !LOLZ

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