My Words Featured in a Popular Calendar 📆

One day, on Instagram, I saw a quote of mine featured in a popular calendar & it gave me an idea.

Since my sayings have gone viral & are used in classrooms, already, why not create an inspirational calendar with 365 of my best motivational sayings.

Currently, I’m in talks to do just that & hope to launch it before the holiday season!

Would you buy such a calendar?

If you answered yes, perhaps you’d be interested in receiving a quote a day from one of my books sent directly to your phone or WhatsApp 😊

Just click link, below, and sign up, here:

Thank you, for your attention & wishing you a contemplative day 🙏🏼✨


Oh sweet. That's Huge. congratulations. I can say I know that feeling of seeing your work on the big stage, haha, but I do know it must have felt goof. I would love to get your quotes on a regular. They sound shrewd and witty.


Super grateful for your warm encouragement! I’ve been writing for 30 years & it’s nice, lately, to see it reaching a wider audience.

Thank you, for your support of my quote a day protect — just click on link above & enter your phone number.

Hope you find the experience rewarding 🤗