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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

As we've been doing, the challenge post and the wrap up will be in the ONE post. Also, if you want to win LOTUS for your posts, use the hashtag #lotus. Likewise, if you want to support #vegan #plant content, delegations are welcome.


Plant Power Cooking Challenge Winner(s)

Let's start by finding out who the winners of last week's challenge are, in which four entries participated, but one of them, not being published in the community, was disqualified; however, all the recipes were delicious and 100% vegan.



Plant Power Challenge: Lemper Cake by @aswita

The first place winner is @aswita, who present a recipe for Lempe Cake, an interesting preparation based on rice, which perfectly combines the flavor and texture of coconut, with various spices, to offer a delicious flavor package wrapped in banana leaves, which makes it a practical and ideal choice for any meal. This post is very well elaborated and has a recipe explained in an impeccable way and with beautiful photographs.

Congratulations @aswita! You are the winner of 5 HIVE.



Plant Based Challenge: Lemet Banana, Indonesian traditional cake by @umirais

Second Place winner is @umirais, who offers us a recipe for a traditional Indonesian cake, the Lemet Banana, a preparation that is very common in celebrations, weddings and collective events. This time we also see a package full of flavor, equally wrapped in banana leaves, but it is based on tapioca flour, bananas, coconut and breadcrumbs; a very pleasant surprise for our palate!

Congratulations @umirais! You are the winner of 3 HIVE.



Potato cake by @kyleana

Potatoes are one of the noblest and most versatile ingredients in cooking in general, and vegan cooking in particular, and this is what @kyleana shows us with this simple potato, tomato and bell pepper cake, seasoned with a touch of oregano, becoming the star of any lunch or dinner.

Congratulations @kyleana! You are the winner of 2 HIVE.


The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge

Plant Power is back again this week with a whole different challenge - CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS! We are in this beautiful time of the year, when everything is more beautiful, compassionate and happy, and the food is even more exquisite, so we want to honor these festivities through this new challenge.

Usually, this season is full of delicious preparations, savory, sweet... and everything smells like Christmas and has a different and delicious energy; then we can make our own vegan versions of those usual Christmas meals. So, do you dare to make a 100% vegan Christmas recipe?

We hope you have lots of fun with this new themed challenge on HIVE!



  • Only one post per participant will be accepted.
  • Post must be published in this Plant Power (Vegan) community.
  • No meat, dairy or ANY animal products
  • Please be original - no old content and nothing plagiarised!
  • Use the tags: #vegan #lotus #foodies in the first five places.
  • Reblog this post if you can & mention it within the post.
  • Invite a friend!
  • Engage with others!
  • Drop your link below - no link, no entry!


  • The winners will be announced in this community in the following week's challenge post.
  • 1st prize is 5 HIVE. However, if there are over ten entries, we will also award a second and third place of 3 and 2 HIVE respectively!
  • HIVE rewards courtesy of @plantstoplanks and @riverflows.
  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts will be reblogged and maybe even tipped!


We look forward to your participation!

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Source cover photo: Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Ooh, will have to get thinking cap on @plantstoplanks @carolynstahl @amygoodrich @justinparke

Will sponsor 5 HIVE for this one!

My life's a bit chaotic at the moment, trying to sort a visa back to Cambodia to reunite with the family. I've been cooking just to survive lately, no time to please my taste buds.

I hope you get back to them soon - how is the process going? One day you will relax in your Cambodian paradise... I really hope that time comes fast!

Hoping you get back together with the girls soon! I'm sure there will be plenty of delicious, celebratory meals then!

I hope everything goes smoothly, and that soon you can be with your family again, you will see that the time will be short so you can be reunited with your wife and daughters. A big hug, friend @justinparke.

I think I will actually have one for this! Totally off of my usual healthy trend, at that. 😂

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Oh awesome!!!!! I'm going to try my best - busy tidying up the hosue for sale but a girl's gotta eat!

It will be super interesting to see your recipe!

Oh boy I have to ditch my humbug attitude haha.

Thanks so much 💕

You're welcome, @kyleana!

Thanks for support me @plantpoweronhive

Your recipes are very good, you deserve the support and the award. Greetings.

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Thankyou 😍

You're welcome @aswita!

Wow, what a wonderful surprise, I did not know this community and it has caught my attention.
This contest caught my attention because of its vegan content.
I will publish my recipe with pleasure, I will enjoy the creations of each participant, so we will show part of the traditions of our country.
Thank you

Hi @aguamiel! What a nice comment! Welcome to the Plant Power (Vegan) community, it will be a pleasure to read your recipe. We look forward to your participation. Regards.

Hello everyone! Here I leave one of the family Christmas traditions...
my entry


These little breads are ideal for any Christmas breakfast or snack. Thank you for participating in the weekly contest.

Healthy, vegan dessert to wrap up your Xmas dinner! That's what I am thinking of this year!

Thanks for directing me to this post @riverflows. Can't wait to see the entries of some of my fav hive foodies... which are pretty much the same as yours... @plantstoplanks @carolynstahl @justinparke and I am adding @lenasveganliving to the mix.

My entry:


This looks delicious! Thank you for participating in the weekly contest, this time of Christmas Delights.

Thank you. Happy holidays

I made it with just a bit of time to spare! Gooey, cheesy and no animal products in sight. ;)

Excellent! I'm going to take a look at your recipe, it looks delicious!

This roll-up looks delicious and very psychedelic, hahahaha. Good recipe. Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for participating in the weekly contest.

Thank you so much, Madame.

It's my pleasure.

Have a Happy Holidays to you.😘

This dessert is delicious, yummy! Thank you for participating in the Weekly Contest. Regards.

This is a complete Christmas dinner, excellent recipe! Thanks for participating in the weekly challenge. Regards.

Hi! My entry

Happy Holidays!☃️🎄


Exquisite dessert, very appropriate to accompany the Christmas dinner. Thank you for participating in the contest.