What is your relationship with your parents? (Cross Culture Question #2)

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I recently talked about A 5 hour conversation with my mother where I got a bit into our relationship. I realize that my relationship with my parents is incredibly complex and that it’s probably the same for most people.

There is so much more I could say about us and I think by dropping a prompt I may be able to learn a lot more about some friends and also about different lifestyles and cultures.

Family relationship is the aspect of life where I experience the closest thing to “culture shock”, I often feel things like “I wouldn’t be able to have a relationship like that with my family” and this applies to both traditional and modern families which makes me realize that my relationship with my family is rather unique. I feel there are a lot of unique families out there and I’d like to celebrate that uniqueness.

I realize that this is a sensitive topic for some people but when I talk about parents here, I’m referring to whoever you consider your parents, whether they are your parents by blood or in spirit, the people who you think of as filling the role of your mother or father. If they are not your blood parents, feel free to share that or feel free to keep that private. Only share as much as you feel comfortable, of course.

Cross Culture Questions 2

1 What role do/did your parents play in your life?

2 Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years?

3 Is there anything you wish your parents would do (or would have done) differently?

4 How are you similar to your parents?

5 How are you different from your parents?

6 Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance?

I had to stop myself from asking more questions because some of these questions warrant long answers. Feel free to change the questions or add your own for this one! I’d love to see what you have to share.

I know I’ve shared a bit about my mother recently but there is much more to say so I’ll be answering these too!

It was fun to see everyone's responses last time and I learned a bunch about everyone who participate. Hope you take part in this one too!

Rules Suggestions for the prompts

  • Use the tag #CCQ (for Cross Culture Question). This makes it easy for others to find your responses
  • Post in the Cross Culture Community
  • Go deep, tell us something real. Have fun. Engage

That's it.


This image got my attention here..
This happens to be one of the most awkward question that leads to a long time quarrel between most children and parents..

This even made me realize that there was a contest going on 😂😂😂 i missed.... This was a huge topic with so much to express

?? you can still make a post! It's just a prompt. No time limit. If you share it in Cross Culture I'll notice it and check it out

I'll give it a try... Thanks though, i appreciate

It's nice to actually drop a prompt for cross culture, you'll realise that there are so many formats of strange relationships that people actually hold with their parents, this would actually be a good one.

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This is an amazing prompt, is there a deadline?

Nope!! looking forward to yours

Okay I'll do it as soon as possible.

Nice one I'll sure drop mine soon.

A very good one. Will definitely participate. My parents are one of a kind

Looking forward to it :-D

I love this. You always ask the cool questions.

Thanks! This is why I can't focus on music or writing as full time work, I'm really interested in people first and foremost, that's my number one passion. Music and writing and teaching language are just a few ways to explore that, but so are asking questions :-D

Okay okay!! I've read quite a number of posts on this and I must say that everyone has their own bit of sweet/tough love relationship with their parents. I should share mine too.

By the way, how are you @selfhelp4trolls? Happy New year 🎉

And I answered the questions. You can check it out 👇

I'm motivated by @selfhelp4trolls to make this post. He asked some questions ... https://peakd.com/hive-181017/@akubillionnaire/me-and-my-parents-relationship-and-everything-else

Happy new year! Looking forward to reading yours. Just spend a while going through comments of the last few days so I'll check it out soon. This should be interesting.

Is there a deadline?

Nope. I was wondering how you'd feel about this one! As I said, feel free to answer whichever questions or change it however you like. It's very informal, just some things I'm interested in knowing about people and topics that will give some ideas to people who don't always know what to write about

Lovely, it can actually span across anytime, I think this one is informal and encourages participation. Is it possible to answer the questions separately, text and video?

I would say that the question you have asked may go too personal in some regards. Relationship with parents is very complex at times. Sometimes, they are the ones who do entirely against our wills (out of their love for us) to bring the happiness to us (in their own thoughts).

May I know what is the deadline for answering these questions?

No deadline and you can answer whichever questions you want however you want :-D

That's a good way to create ease. Will make my entry soon

Thanks for the questions sir these are my replies

I like these questions I hope it's not too late to make my own post

Hopping in on this, I have a lot to say just reading this, is there a deadline?

Nope! :-D

That was fast. Thanks

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Just came across this let me see if I can give my part of the story.

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Such an interesting and nice topic... I'll drop mine

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