I’ve been invited to give a school presentation, in Egypt 🇪🇬

While lying in bed, half awake, I received exciting news this morning — still in early talks, so keeping it general 🤓

I just got invited by a school to give an hour long Zoom talk, before 200 students (ages 11-17, we’re exploring).

Tentative subject of presentation is:

An Egyptian Reads His Way to Writing —with early engagement with books; how you maintained your passion; how a reader turned writer.

I feel blessed 😇

Only, recently, have I begun writing for student textbooks (behind the scenes).

To share my experience as a reader/reader, directly, & hopefully inspire impressionable students is a privilege!

Before my morning tea, and still processing all this good fortune :

  1. They will stock my new book, “Desert Songs”.

  2. Will make it 'Book of the Month' with me as promoted author.

  3. This culminates in a Zoom - topic already proposed.

  4. They adapt curriculum in Yrs 7,8,9 to a Unit of Inquiry using my writing about Egypt.

For those unfamiliar with my work & interested, here’s a recent Zoom reading that I gave :

  1. School library will carry ALL my books! 🤗

Wow😍 you look good. What topic did you talk on?

Thank you. Topic is how being a reader led me to become a writer 😇

Okay. It's relatable💆‍♀️

Listen to video, attached, if you care for poetry 😊

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