Dec 01 - Demotivated

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The first day of December didn’t bring the motivation that I expected. Instead I found myself quite demotivated. It must be the cold. We temperatures dipping below zero for the first time in a while, my mind has slowed down a fair bit haha.

I will give it a better go tomorrow.

Peace & Love,


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I hope you can find your motivation. We all need some hope and joy in our lives. It's not all about money.


Thanks bro

Yes cold can take mode off, but if you make some warm things ... like warm food or drinks ... it can hold mode up in this cold days and it can be more fun. 🤗👍

But good small blog video... make more them ;)

Thank you. I've had more tea than coffee today, including my vitamins too haha.

1 January? 😍
The cold gets me like that some times, although I love the bright dry sunny mornings.
Sorry you've been under the weather with low level infections, that can drain your energy. Hope things are improving.
still, you got a post out! 😅

LOL!! I didn't even realise I said that. My brain is frozen solid haha

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First of January? :D Vitamin C & Vitamin D every day all year long for me. I started that about 10 years ago and it has been the best thing I've done honestly.

I did that for the past 3 years (since the bug) and it's been useful. We had some good sunshine so I slacked off on the vitamin D for a bit.

I also felt the same way yesterday and that was why I could not post nor do the normal things I do especially when I realized I was suffering from hypotension
Really crazy…

Hypotension? Hope you get that fixed. More salt and sugar needed maybe?

I can relate. Some days are like that, I don't really know why. I hope you find some motivation because that's what we both need to keep moving.

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When it gets too cold, it is the same way, a person has a little problem, but after a few days, everything becomes normal again.