My Successful Dedication of Mentorship Actual Orientation on Hive and D.Buzz Uplifting the Filipino Masses

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It started in 2017 and I am mentoring Filipinos from a writing platform. Several of those I have mentored are now thriving on Hive and cryptocurrency blockchains. Now that I am back, my enthusiasm for helping others is always within me and it's in my blood. I may not be able to support them via finances but I can allow them to understand to uplift themselves into a better individual which they can share with their family, friends, relatives, and children.

Hive is a long-term knowledge of investment where there is no age limit. I have mentored senior citizens and even teens. They started in DBuzz, a microblogging community. Most of them are active learners and earners. From simple microblogging, they are now ready for a long-form (standard blogging)post on Hive where I am conducting a 3 times a week orientation Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30 in the evening.

Last Saturday, June 24, 2023, D.Buzz conducted an actual orientation including Hive coaching educating Filipinos to Learn and Earn at Pagalungan Talakag Bukidnon. First I did a house-to-house visit to invite each one of them to join the actual orientation at the covered court. I have invited 15 people and some of them are now starting to post at the D.Buzz community which is the most basic of teaching and easy for them to learn.



I do encourage them to join the online orientation after they are onboard via @DBuzz to learn more about how to create a post on Hive. Blog and educate them about cryptocurrency. During the actual orientation, I did explain to them what Web3 is all about explaining to them the different kinds of communities of Hive and Dapps.

It may not be easy for them to understand in an instant what those I explain all about but I am doing my best to guide them while they are starting to start posting on the platform. Unlike in the other Cities in the Philippines where some are already familiar and already involve in cryptocurrency and web3.

About 90 percent of people in my City of Cagayan de Oro are not familiar if what is cryptocurrency because when you say cryptocurrency all that they have in their mind is it's a scam. I shared my life story with them as a Solo parent of 5 kids. All I do for a living is blogging via Hive and D.Buzz. Now my life was changed and gotten better. I'm living proof that D.Buzz, Hive, and the other Dapps are not a scam because I did not invest anything in the platform but all that I did is to continue learning, doing research continue reading the other's posts which I am learning more and most of all being consistent in posting in short and long forms.


nderstanding the platforms of Hive and Buzz is very important before onboarding.

1.Making friends and engaging with fellow bloggers is a must Here in Hive you will note the following information that they should know: succeed if you do not befriend other Hivers.

2.Read fellow Hiver's post and engage. That's what I did before. Keep reading, and interacting with the author. The key to getting some ideas is to read the trending posts, but never copy their work and you must create your content.

3.Consistency in posting is very important. Don't be disappointed if you earn cents on your first post. Some of my posts up to now have earned cents but they don't matter, I just keep writing.

4.Engagement is also important to gain more friends and to get noticed they must create creative content and the pictures attached must be attractive.

5.Reblog others' posts if your Hive power has no value so you can catch other Hivers' attention.

The actual training orientation will not be successful without the help of @jeneffer, a newbie Hiver. She just started I think 3 months ago and she continued posting consistently and onboarding newbies during our actual training.

My goal is to bring more Filipino newbies hopefully if I can make it 10,000 new users or more. It is my passion to share this wonderful opportunity to spread the good news of web3 that there is an income online.

My daughter @khailee did assist me during the orientation and creating accounts of newbies, coaching them on how to create a post. She is 12 years old. She already knows what is cryptocurrency,web3, e-commerce, etc. At an early age, I am investing in her more knowledge online and she is doing very well in the e-commerce business. She will be starting to create a post after school vacation. She is very busy with her studies because of her scholarship and being an academic awardee.



It may not be an instant big amount of income but if they continue pursuing I am sure their life will slowly change for good. Just like what happened to me and to the others I have coached since 2017 I am glad to see them improving and now they have a good life because of D.Buzz and Hive my life has changed slowly.

I've noticed that the house-to-house inviting and training are more effective because I can be able to explain to them more about the platform. I can show them some proof. Most of them are not aware of google meet where I am conducting an online orientation and do not even what is Hive Twitter podcast because they do not know that there are such things like this that exist.

I hope you will join and support me in my journey as my long-time advocate of helping people and onboarding newbies to D.Buzz and Hive. Blog as well as supporting the newbie onboard.


Way to go Sis...Soon, you will more attract people on Hive via dbuzz.

Thank you sis :) yes I am looking forward for more onboards to come.

Wow you are doing great @antonette ! Gahut kaayo hehehe keep spreading the word! Gogogo!

Salamat boss kayod jud ta boss laban lang jud :)

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You are doing a great job, spreading the word about Hive and Dbuzz!😍

Thanks for your mentorship, ma'am! Yes, indeed, though we can't help people directly on their financial problems, we are here to advocate some form of financial freedom. It's like in an old Chinese adage that says "if you want to help people in a day, give them a fish. But if you want to help them for a long time, teach them how to fish."🤗♥️👍