Original music and cover art: INKed Aye Drop - "369 11:11 Requiem ( for Amadeus)"

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Song, lyrics and cover art made and arranged by aschatria.

Instrument: Groovy Loops pad, Seeping Acid pad set

I made this composition based on one of my poems that I wrote in May 2014, called the Requiem for Amadeus. I think that the theme of the song fits the atmosphere of the composition.
This time I didn't use the Groovepad, I could not find the set to appropriate the mood, but something similar called Groovy Loops, which is also a very fun and easy drum pad set.
It is very audible that there is a lot of FX effects which are both fun to use and give very satisfying finish. FX Bass and Pad, plus Bells is also very good.

Cover art: hand made sketch, pencil on paper, plus the Polish app effects

The cover art is made by me scribbling on paper, it is nowhere near the art piece, for that I will need to take that sketch and transfer it into a better form. Blur effect is added additionally, that is not a fault on paper. For the purpose of the music video this one is OK, 369 Requiem is pretty much a short sketch of the much longer story...

Animation: Songrender, 1:1, waveform, progress bar

I have nothing new to add here, the app for video render is solid, it works as expected and the features are OK for me.

Requiem for Amadeus

You are of the fragile existence,
One in the Pitch Black;
there, the dreams come to fight
with the inner existence, out of the control
Rose in the chaotic manifestations of the Horrid.
Of Me!

I'm the Enemy, your light in the conspiracy,
with the Dark and your fear it.
I'm the pain, your flash, it's a cannibal.
I'm not with you,on the death bed, but with the intensity,
playing the violin of the Phoenix, on the edge;
down is the grave, down I'm taking your bird of the Flame.
And the only thing that will stay is Me!

You composed the Dream by the oblivion,
I'm playing it, like an angel, you
tortured it and placed me in the half shadows,
you made me, unshaped and undone me,
because of your masterpiece;
you owe it more, and you know it,
Because of (it), my Life, is invisible.

by @aschatria 25 May 2014


Creative blog

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@aschatria, though I tend to focus on HipHop more I can see you're getting way better at this, and I LOVE the poem — !discovery 30


When I was writing that poem, I basically wrote it in one single batch, but I was ruminating for a freaking week.
I looked at the divine inspiration, a muse, from the point of the view that it is not something entirely harmless, and to achieve such profoundness it is not a result of talent but maybe even a result of inner agony or even losing that physical manifestation of life in order to see or feel what creation looks like.
It is the oblivion of creation that the creator took on himself without knowing it will take a manifestation that is greater than many things expected.
Many people in passion with their work go little bit astray because of that.
On my blog I used a picture from the movie Mozart because the creation of something that overgrows the creator ultimately devours the creator during the manifestation of its "consciousness".
Everything worth creating is that level of intensity. The entire human life, just as a life, goes through those phases of intensity and rebirth.
The "face" or a "person" that is talking in a poem, is not somebody or someone, it is a personification of creators ( or in this case Mozart's) work, a creation itself talking back at the mortal human who made it alive, but the life of that creation, of his masterpiece is invisible to our rational senses.
There are much better explanation to this topic, I tried to explain it the best I can.

You did explain it very well.

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