World Record "Let's Go Brandon" elevation.

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I was hollering through some massive canyons in the Colorado mountains when I decided to let out some 'Let's go Brandon" calls to see if any fisherman below, hikers or others in the mouintains would hear the echos and answer back. The crazy thing is, someone did! Let's Go Brandon is worldwide and it has become a universal language.

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Yea let's Go!!!

This looks like something I’d try to do 😂 that’s hilarious that somebody actually responded. I wonder if there are any Let’s Go Brandon face tats out in the world yet…

Let's go Bradon. You have a loud and a sweet voice. I can't imagine standing on that edge and the winds, you're brave sir.

Beautiful pace indeed. That place is always high and handsome and that also instills those vibes, I am sure the wind must have echoed it back to you. What a place!

Oh, man! This second time to fail and could not watch your video as 3speak server is down showing.

I see that if it is a universal language "Let's go Brandon"

Brave of you to stand on the edge in that wind!

The place is kind of high but very lovely. Let's go Brandon.

Let's go B!

It must be a lot of fun to shout in such a beautiful natural monument and have someone else say hello to you

Wow it is really awesome hearing how you say it.

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Maybe it not loud enough that why you don't have a feedback.

Haha! I think we all feel the same way about good ol Brandon 🤦🏼

Hey! that is a beautiful outdoor great place to soak in some pure natural air