@daltono inspired me to make this one. Thanks for the juice cuzzzzzzzz :)

Glad you were inspired to share this video!
It is so cool to get another insider look at what was happening during all of this stuff in the show. A lot of people on Steem/Hive were involved with these people during the craziness. It must have been so cool to be around that many people at once all into the same thing. I've still yet to visit Mexico but hope to eventually.

Definitely keep up making videos man. I can tell you have a lot of things to share.

I almost went this year but I didn't want to deal with the Covid bullshit so I just stayed home. I'll go again for sure. These conferences are great man.

That’s kept me from traveling a lot too. I’ve yet to fly again since the fiasco. I am just used to driving everywhere now and haven’t even checked into whether or not flights are back to normal.

Yes you are right. I really enjoy my time here in hive even though i do steemit as well.
I could watch you speak all day.

Well thank you for the compliment! I don't use Steemit anymore, mainly because Justin Sun made it too centralized for me. Sold all my Steem and converted it to Hive. You should do what ever you want and not ever be influenced by anybody for your decisions on which blockchains you use.

Oh wow. That's a solid decision. Thank you for this advice. I appreciate. Best wishes

I definitely need to watch this.

I am very sad to see the clip you have shared on the first. His feet were on fire and people at the starting did not come forward to help him.

And your editing and music was perfect. I also often edit the pictures, so I have to work hard. But you edit the videos and I can judge your effort on it. And you say very meaningful words that "editing is a powerful thing". Strongly agreed.
So a big applause to you sir.

If this is a small account of a series highly valued by viewers, I definitely have to see it for myself and have my own opinion, although I have heard good information about it.

its on

its on

I always like and appreciate your video editing and saved it for later watching, have a wonderful day ahead of you.

Im gonna have to watch this!

the episodes are already being uploaded to 3speak where you can see it free.

Thanks for letting me know that ❤

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