That jersey is fire! I saw a Miami Nights version of the Miami Dolphins jersey online the other day. I tried to find it for purchase but was not able to. This makes me think it was just a fan edit. Do you happen to know if this black/pink/aqua color is an actual jersey? Or if it maybe will be this season? If so, I absolutely must get one with Tyreek Hill's name and number on the back.


Also pretty cool that they keep showing you in The Anarchists. I bet it feels badass being on HBO like that.

i dont know if it is real but it should be. Thays the best Dolphins jersey I have ever seen.

They really are so cool. I hope they start wearing them this year so I can buy one.

Really, its good kind of video editing with song, always enjoy your this type of post.

thanks for watching!

very catchy that new song let's hope it's like the very successful season of the Denver Broncos

I love the intro of the video with a lovely sound track then the music played for broncos is really nice.

Wohooo back now back now (BRONCOS)🔥
I really enjoyed this song.

And I really appreciated your editing sir✨

Going to be interesting with Russel Wilson at QB.

at least fun to watch anyway.

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Indeed they are back, nice lyric for pre_season.
The song with dope.

Yo dude seen you in the Silver Gold discord, I run an NFL sweeps every year with HBD and custom silver medal for the winners. 5 places remain in the sweeps if your interested. I wonder if the longest field goal will be at the mile high this year

You crack me up 😂 Wooo, Go Broncos!! Good song!!

I love the video so much together with the song

I want one of those jerseys!!

Oh, the season of joy is upon us! Let's throw a little holy water on the guys!

Madganatic rocks it!

I'm ready!! Good luck, Broncos!