and in the end he was able to solve the problem, friend, it is a very complicated job to be a plumber

You should have flushed the directions, real men don't need directions until they do.

It's good to have friends.

That is where experience comes in, if you had a formal experience about it, it would've been easy

I guess you could be glad you didn't have to replace the toilet, that shit gets deep and I am not talking about the directions, it's pretty self explanatory, take the spatula and remove all the old wax and shit that managed to get stuff up in there with it. Anyway, being a landlord who has had my share of replacing toilet parts you are much braver than I am. I'd just told the sales guy give me the basic most simplistic part I need. Your going to have to come back and let us know if the water savings on that half flush made it worth it. Than, and only than would I attempt such an endeavor if proven worth it. Lol.

I think fixing such a kind of parts and toilets are very complex. Most of us experienced very badly with the toilet tanks or else, plumber take the right decision and fix it once again.

LMAO! Call a friend...

Who knew? I use YouTube for everything. I even fixed a radiator on an old Victorian house that I bought. Can you believe it?

Thursday Night Football! Colts vs Broncos

Anyway, I laughed through your entire episode, that would be me! Give me the best, because who doesn't want the best? Should have flushed those instructions and gotten a teenager to put it in for you. From my own experience, they think know everything!!

It not easy if there is no experience about it lol.

Hahaha I hope it's in a good condition now.

There are way to many things that can go bad in a toilet tanks. That’s why I don’t mess with plumbing.

Only expert hand can fix it and I think it also need a training hahah LOL.

That job of being a plumber is not easy, my friend, everyone has a specific job

Hey Glad to see you could fix it in the end. At least it looks 100% functional despite the part that did not fit in.
So you can officially claim to be a DIY guy as well. Another feather in the cap @broncnutz

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You always like to try a new challenge but that didn't go well this time. Only an experience plumber can fix that without hassles.

el trabajo no es facil amigo

The fluid master is nice! Your so funny! Plumbing is the worse to work on for sure!

@broncnutz thanks so much brother 🙌

Funny! Seeing the large manure on how to fix the toilet knocked me off.🤣🤣🤣

You can't be good at what you are not good at but nice try. I enjoyed it funny!🤣🤣🤣

It is very good for one to learn hand works, it is very crucial to our living because most times it saves us from much spending and time wasting if you had waited for a plumber he will charge you money and still delay you, Plumbing work ain't easy but you fixed it that is good.