Dcity! **Bullrun** @xxxxxxxxxx Wrecking Shop Today.

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If your not playing this game, you are missing the best passive income on the hive blockchain. A GREAT way to "farm" more Hive to your account.

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First time I get pumped by a video of yours... and I agree with you. =)

First time??? You need to visit my blog more if you wanna get pummped, especially during football season


Haha! You sure know how to deliver a message Brother. You ain't boring in front of a camera, man!

I have seen small, vague mentions of the game around the platform but I didn't really know what it was, thanks for the explanation, it helps massively :D

Now the only question is do I allow my addictive personality to e let loose on this?

Thanks again man. Have an awesome week :D

thanks for the compliment....more of these types of vids to come for sure.

Dude, I absolutely loved this video. Your energy, explanation, and those phrases. Loved it. I am on dCity and can't wait to experience this big move!

Hey thanks cuz! All my vids are similar style, hope you check out more. Football season i turn it up a few notches. Lololol

Dont forget the presidential elections :)
I'm laughing so much at those campaigns!

Good stuff broncnutz!! Gerber is a damn BOSS and dCity #RULES!!

game is super fun

I'm hoping to get some protesters in my next purchase of cards

Yes and a Soros card that when played ends the game for everyone.

Chance of looting 200%

I gotta check this out

I make 300 hive a day playing this game. Fo reals

 4 years ago  

But a new player have to invest a lot of hive to buy cards and create population to get a significant payout ?

Dont you have to invest a lot in ANYTHING to get a significant payout? You just wanna make big loot for nothing? Let me know if you find any way in the world to invest just a little and get a big payoff daily.

 4 years ago  

A friend of mine told me yesterday u need a minimum of around 500 Hive to reach the minimum payout at rank at place 200 ^^ therefore it must be continous invested to hold the payout area and invest more and more ^^ do i'm wrong?

i didnt talk about big payouts ^^ it was just a question. as u wrote u get huge payouts these days - because of early adoption?

I get huge payouts because of the amount of money i invested. The cards have been the same price since i started. I have no advantage to the next person who comes in today. There is ALWAYS an incentive to hold forever in crypto man. You jist buy and hold, collect SIM and sell for Hive when the time is right. I have noticed it takes about 90 days or so to break even.

I doubt you need 500 but maybe. Discord chat will be tue place to ask.

That’s intense, how much did you put in ?

I put in about 10k hive but i have gotten it all back in the last 90 days.

Damn, I should look into this and see if its too late to see those kinds of returns

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He spent 30K Steem on @nextcolony, he does do this kind of thing.

I tried it, it's just not my kind of game, but best of luck with it!

But doesn't this now just mean Bernie's going to distribute those cards to his alts and take up all the top few positions, reducing everyone else's return and making it more expensive to keep up?

It's certainly captured a lot of people's imaginations.

who cares, it is just more money building up in the pool...if a lot of it is his should he not get a big share of it? People expect to make huge crypto with very little investment. Where can you make huge money in ANYTHING with little investment?

Fair point, best of luck with your investment!

Enjoy the game, it is clever, but those 'cute sims' have never really been my thing and as a somewhat smaller investor, it's not for me, I kind of feel spread too widely in Hive as it is TBH.

I hope it works out well for the both of you!

my fav hivetuber

Lol hey thanks! Ill take it....