Buy Quality Beef With Bitcoin! Here is how.

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What a cool thing! This is some of the best beef I have ever bought. It was well packaged, totally frozen and arrived on time.If you would like to check it out please visit:

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That’s awesome I’m gonna check it out. I’ve done Butcher Box which is great meat all grass fed. But they don’t take Bitcoin.

It is really well packaged and I like everything about it especially buying the beef with Bitcoin is really nice.

That’s awesome news! Crypto is the future of money… if not everything 😊

I will have to pick some up too. Just got the deep freeze ordered too. Hoping that shows up soon.


Seems pretty legit, thanks for the info!!!

At a point I was told beef is not healthy that much for ones health

That's the best way to buy beef and they have well packaged beef inside the box with freeze. Another big advantage is you can pay it via crypto. Enjoy your meal.

It is good to know how Cryptocurrencies are expanding in different directions, hopefully soon it will be possible to make a more fluid circulation in more countries

As much beef as I eat daily, I probably need to look into this further. Thanks for sharing.

They partnered with lots of ranchers directly. This stuff came from a Texas ranch. You can pick where you want and they have monthly memberships i think as well.

That’s dope! I looked at the prices, doesn’t even seem much more than I pay at my local butcher. & honestly I’m not sure where their supply is sourced from & their grass fed is double the price of grain fed.

I’ll have to do some math next time I hit the market and find out exactly how much weight I buy monthly… that way I’d know which monthly plan would be for me.

Also, have you been whitewater rafting before? I went again last weekend and our guide was talking about how awesome the Colorado River is for it. We’ve got the New and Gauley River here, so I don’t have to go far for great rafting & I’m guessing you probably don’t either.

I have been several times. GREAT rafting about 40 min from my house on the Arkansas river. Check out the Royal Gorge footage on Youtube, i have been through the gorge about 3 times on all my rafting trips. very intense.....and serious.

That sounds awesome. It’s about an hour from me here and I try to go somewhat often.
I’ll look up Royal Gorge, sounds exciting.

This is awesome. Any idea if there is one that have Colorado Ranchers in it??

interesting that in some countries you can buy with #Bitcoin from electrical appliances to food, hopefully this will become much more common and we can buy them in more stores

Those meats really came to you well packaged and well frozen. They are a spectacle for a good barbecue. Wao

The meat looks really lovely and nice.

Bought with bitcoin. That's pretty cool. Tomahawk steak, nice. That's a lot of meat! Reading the title made me think of Homer Simpson when his brain explained to him how to buy stuff hahaha.


Beef is bought with Bitcoin and it's available in good packaging. (Cool)
There will come a time when we bought house with bitcoin. Because these cryptos are our digital and future money.💕

Now you prepare a delicious recipe with this beef.😅

Nice meat :O

Want too!

Really cool accepting the Bitcoin payment for beef. Awesome

Hi @broncnutz
The idea of being able to buy food with bitcoin is pretty amazing. Hopefully we should see more such outlets and online stores that accept bitcoin

In some supermarket i guess Bitcoin is been used for payments and i really love that i hope one day this will also happen in my country
The beef looks cool friend @broncnutz

Those were some nice steaks, and a lot of beef fit in that box! Looks like a good deal to me 👍🏻



Brother !

What a great idea to accept bitcoin. We have great brands of aged steaks here in South Africa and maybe we can also get a farmer to accept crypto for direct trade.
That package that you got certainly looks great.

Congratulations! Oh my that's a lot of stuff!!! I remember eating a Tomahawk steak in one of our office sponsored lunch, because it was huge with 1.2 kgs coz the bone was huge....I had to share it with an officemate... And really delish. The price was also delish, hahaha..

Look at me salivating and almost licking my screen. It looks soooo good. And to think you got this using Bitcoin. Innovation at its best!!! The packaging is so well done and awesome.

The order is well packed that l couldn't even realize this could be beef. Have a lovely weekend

Wow, I love to eat grilled beef cooked medium rare, it's insane, and if you have the opportunity to buy it directly from the producer I mean really fresh, it tastes amazing.

Beef and bitcoin!!! Two of my favourites combined! That beef looks damn tasty too man!

Haha yah that is boss style grilling right there!

Besides being a crypto leader by example, I love how you highlighted the direct to farmer transaction. Taking out the middle man, rewarding our domestic ranchers who are progressive with their finance. What is better than that?!

So great to have our insane ships cross every one in a while via the blockchain.

Get some premium grilling done and good luck to your Broncs this season broheem.

What up brother?! Football is back baby, we are excited out here!


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It is well packaged, it a really nice initiative, it also another use case for BITCOIN

I will when i have it 😂🤍
In my place there are not places that we can pay with crypto.