APPICS moves to the Telos Blockchain with Uma Hagenguth of APPICS

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Hey Hive Fam!

I know a lot of you guys have been curious about what's happening with APPICS and so I sat down with Uma the COO to chat about their decision to move to the Telos blockchain.

As many of you know, they were originally built on the Steem blockchain and in the Hive fork decided to find a third path instead of either staying on Steem, moving to Hive or some combination of the two. Even though I know those of you reading this here on Hive wish that Appics had come over to Hive (I had wished that myself), but I hope you still enjoy the interview. Once the Telos migration is finished - I'm excited to check out their new platform.

As a dapp in the space, we also discuss the role of dapps when it comes to mass adoption of crypto by the average consumer.

I had a great time catching back up with Uma and I hope you guys enjoy our conversation! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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XO, Lea


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As long as they leave Steem. That’s what counts. But they really should have stuck with the HIVE to be blunt. The Telos move will be a huge let down... bet me 😎🥓

Sad they didn't choose Hive. Anyway good luck appics!

Lovely interview, Lea. Is it time for you to jump into posting on Appics?

Hey Kevin! That's awesome you are still using them! I'll have to check and see if they've migrated over to Telos yet because I know i'll need to make a new account. I'm definitely planning to start posting on there again. One of my favorite dapp experiences out there.

Ah awesome, Lea. I've been posting there everyday, a lot of people are excited to migrate and meet a new community of users in telos. The move should be sometime in October. Catch you on there soon!

I really can't wait for the official date to be announced so we can release all the potential of this amazing dapp

Yeah! It sounds like they are making some really awesome changes with this move. I'm pretty excited to jump in and start using them again when it's migrated over.

I feel like Uma could have praised the community for all the engagement they have had before but otherwise it was really good and I love to see a woman entrepreneur in the space.

Glad you enjoyed the interview! Uma is great and it was fun to catch up with her. 🙂

I'm curious, I'll watch it later.

I'll have to take a look at the dapp once they get fully setup on their new system. I haven't really gotten into the whole picture posting thing before but I might have to give it a try.