What Is Online Privacy?

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Most of us spend a huge amount of our time online on our devices and yet only a few of us are consciously aware that significant amounts of our personal data are constantly being gathered, stored and exchanged. ⁠

The importance of online privacy becomes clear once you make a mental list of all the personal information you’re happy to share with complete strangers and the things you would much rather not.⁠

The information being tracked, monitored, gathered and stored ranges from personal information that you likely want to remain private such as your medical records, bank statements, address and emails to seemingly innocuous details such as your likes, dislikes, search history and online purchases. ⁠

“But I have nothing to hide” I hear you say. Privacy and security aren’t just for those with something to hide or those with nefarious intentions as some of us have been programmed to believe. ⁠

We now live in a world where global mass surveillance by both governments and corporations are simply a part of our everyday reality.⁠

But why does it even matter? Well, apart from your basic right to privacy, your personal information is being used to profile you and manipulate everything from the information you are exposed to, all the way through to your behaviour and beliefs.⁠

Online privacy and security are necessary if we want to maintain our freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom to meaningfully exchange with fellow humans. ⁠

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