On hive you can find communities that can live without any toxicity.

you just attract toxic people.

Have we miss the bigger picture that the community care for you that we even bother to go to your twitter and make effort to explain anything helpful. If that happened to me I will be surely grateful that I found something more precious and more important than money or crypto. Come on, can someone enlighten me?

I love you too, Bernie, your such an important part of the community. Just trying to make a win-win situation here. Cheers buddy

You can still hodl Hive

But there is a mute button... And if you don't want others to see his insults you can create your own community, and moderate it as you wish. You can decide who posts inside of it. He will not be able to comment on your posts.

Anyway I get your point but decentralization comes with pros and cons. This is one of the cons.

Toxicity depends on dosage. :) And after reading a few posts and tons of comments I feel slightly intoxicated. I don't know what to think about my thoughts anymore. This is crazy, this is too much - and I kind of like it. I think @Cryptofinaly is ok ... she can be funny and cool, definitely not a typical selfy - obsessed person. I think the many - x man (@xxxxxxxxxx) who was her nemesis in this story is ok ... he can be funny and cool, definitely not a typical destruction - obsessed person, more kind of person that likes to push everything to, or over the limits to see what will be revealed then.
I don't know ... I can't really relate to any of those descriptions you are using to depict each other. When I read what is written, I get a different picture.
It was an interesting and dynamic online saga, hope nobody got irreparably hurt ... just, kind of normally hurt, and will be healed soon. Hope to see more of you. Maybe in a dramatic twist :) with roses and butterflies sprouting between the lines.


i left her a comment under her youtube. If you value hive and have an account there, feel free to upvote my comment, so this part of the internet sees, that this i not an overall true statement but a merely narrow personal experience.