CTT Podcast Ep. 97 Highlights - Vaultec and the development of VSC

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Hive can be exciting again

Hive's Potential for Scalable Multi-Sig Capabilities

This highlights video with excerpts from Episode 97 of the Community Token Talk Podcast delves into an important technical discussion around enhancing Hive's multi-sig functionality to enable greater scalability and security for layer-2 applications. Vaultec, a developer working on a layer-2 solution for Hive, expressed initial apprehension about potentially "treading on toes" with his work. However, after productive conversations at the Highfest event, Vaultec proposed a change to Hive's layer-1 protocol to address the current 40-signature limit on multi-sig accounts.

Addressing the Multi-Sig Signature Limit

Vaultec explained that Hive's 40-signature limit on multi-sig accounts could become a bottleneck as the ecosystem grows to potentially billions in value. He highlighted emerging technologies, such as those being explored by Ethereum and Polygon, that utilize "SPL signatures" to dramatically reduce the size of multi-sig transactions. This would allow for multi-sig accounts with hundreds or even thousands of signatories, greatly enhancing the credibility and security of large-scale layer-2 applications on Hive.

Implementing SPL Signatures on Hive

According to the hosts, Vaultec presented this proposal to the Hive core team, and they were receptive to the idea. The hosts noted that with Hive's existing multi-sig infrastructure (the DHS), only a few modifications would be required to incorporate the SPL signature technology. This would pave the way for Hive to become one of the first blockchain networks to offer such scalable multi-sig capabilities, potentially attracting significant capital and use cases to the ecosystem.

Implications for Hive's Growth and Adoption

The hosts emphasized that implementing this multi-sig enhancement would be a significant milestone for Hive, as it would address a key concern around the security and credibility of large-scale applications built on the network. By enabling multi-sig accounts with hundreds or even thousands of signatories, Hive could become an attractive platform for hosting "banking-like" applications and services, further expanding the network's utility and potential for growth.

Collaborative Efforts and Community Engagement

The highlights video highlighted the collaborative nature of the Hive community, with the hosts and Vaultec working together to carefully introduce and discuss the multi-sig proposal. They were mindful of the need to engage the core team in a constructive manner, avoiding any "brash" or confrontational approaches that could jeopardize the implementation of this important technical upgrade.

Overall, the highlights video showcases Hive's technical capabilities and the community's proactive efforts to enhance the network's infrastructure to support the development of sophisticated, large-scale applications. The potential implementation of scalable multi-sig functionality could be a significant milestone for Hive, positioning it as a leading blockchain platform for decentralized finance and other innovative use cases.

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