"This Is What We Are Facing, This is What We Can Do About It" - Derrick Broze, The Activation Tour

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On October 30, 2021, Derrick Broze shared his presentation "This is What We Are Facing and This is What We Can Do About It" on the final night of The Activation Tour.

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I am deeply grateful for your incessant diligence, hard work, and faith in free humanity and the incredible potential future we share, and your concise, rational, and down to Earth talk you provide here.


Derrick I wish I had the time to spend listening to stories about what has happened to you. I dont.
I wanted to hear what we can do about the problems I have known about before you were born.
I had to quit watching at 14 minutes. No answers there!

I'm sorry you felt that way. I've got a lot of content out there, focused on all aspects of the history, problems, solutions, philosophy, and more; maybe you'd enjoy my most recent book How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State, which is full of solutions.

BTW if you don't have patience for an hour and a half talk then I guess you don't have patience to hear new ideas.

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