The intro of HIVE MOVIE : From the Web to the Hive ! [PART 1 & 2]

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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

We are @clixmoney, @natebowie and @binkyprod are creating a documentary movie about hive. Anyone still can participate in it ! Just join our discord server and let me know about that !

You may send your video with or without face. You may even record your voice and that will be in the movie. We want as much hivers as possible to participate.

You may send a video talking about the early technical and cultural structure of the early internet.

As well, send a video about how you joined hive. So, 3 hivers could already record videos about how they joined hive and sent it to : [email protected] using this website :

Now we need a few videos about how you joined hive, without talking about steem, but just improvising. You can imagine how you found it while looking for a decentralized social media, or trading crypto, or just being invited by a friend. That's in case you are not coming from steem. In the case of being new, just send a 30 second video about how you joined hive. You will be showed after the intro of the movie.


The intro is ready and the text was sent by @natebowie. He proposed to talk about the internet in general, then move slowly to hive. The text is edited by @binkyprod. And @natebowie is the main voice of the movie.

Here is the first and the second part about the creation of the internet, moving slowly to the blockchain and bitcoin :


What brought us to the Internet that we have today? To understand, we must first look at how the Internet began.

The internet is a connection between two devices that exchanges bits of data known as packets. These packets make up a file or data, such as images, videos, game data, and web files, which are then processed by the device that revived them. Despite the claims of Al Gore, there was no official inventor to the Internet, nor was there a clear and concise point in time when experimental connections between computers became the modern Internet. With that said, however, the most agreed upon forerunner of the Internet is ARPANET in 1969, a system designed by the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This system mirrors the protocols and layouts of modern Internet, creating a network in which any device on the network is assigned an IP address and can communicate with any other device on the network using packets.

With this revolutionary setup in place, many governments and universities began to experiment with such a networking idea. The next innovation came from in the form of Internet Service Providers, ISPs for short; the first was Telenet, which launched in 1975. At this time, there was very little in terms of infrastructure, so whatever was available was used to implement a connection, which in most cases were phone lines. Similarly to the telegram developed over 100 years before, more and more individuals were sending data that was broken down into a binary system (this time 1s and 0s instead of dots and dashes) over cables to be converted back into another form of media, except this time there were computers to interpret and manipulate such input. It would not take long for this concept to continue to spread, as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) began to research heavily on such networks, providing standardization for many components for the Internet, as well as the introduction of Hyper Text Markup Language (also known as HTML) that would serve as the basis of the Internet.


As time went on, the newly created Internet began to look more as it does today. By the mid 1990’s the Internet was exploding in use and a variety of companies began adopting the Internet as an outlet or start-up to solely operate on the Internet. Despite many claims that the Internet was only a novelty that would fade over time, the public began to use it more as it grew exponentially. By 1995, the public was very excited over the Internet, and threw money at any company that utilized it. However, such speculation can only last for a certain amount of time.

Regardless of the death of many online shopping sites, one could still order products online from many brick and motor retailers. And despite the death of many online e-commerce only sites, Amazon was steadily growing alongside other soon to be online marketplace giants like Craig’s List and Ebay. In addition to the re-growth of e-commerce, there were many other areas of the Internet that were growing as well. The revolutionary new form of communication, social media, was beginning to take hold, with MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube beginning to take hold of the digital landscape.

Beyond the commercialized aspects of the Internet, there was also the growth of other services as well. Tools like VPNs and Tor quickly gave rise to an un-censorable sect of the Internet outside of the reach of governments. The licenses of open source brought software to anybody with Internet access, regardless of finances. And finally, a project built on the Blockchain using the ideals of the cypherpunks of the 1970’s and 80’s known as Bitcoin was launched.


That's all recorded in the video with adding free videos from the following websites :, and

The credits to music used :

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I would like to let know everyone that we need some attention to find more people who will participate in the movie ! I hope you like this intro. You may as well give us your feedback, how to make it even better !

You may check the scenario here !.

Welcome anyone to participate in it !

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This looks awesome.. been a member since 2017 so should be interesting!

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Now anyone can send his video describing how you joined hive.

please remind me which other topics should be covered for the further parts, except this? (I obviously came from Steem)

For example, what are the communities you like in hive, why you are active in them. Or you can talk about the applications you like, or tribes. I mean choose from : communities, applications, or tribes. As well you may talk about the future of hive and how you see it. Each participant can participate in a few parts. I'll show those who say or show how they joined, then those talking about communities, then applications, then tribes, then future. etc..

I'm planing to find for each part at least 3 people.

Let know please when the video (or audio) is ready and when you send it.