The Unspoken Problem with the Covid Vaccine Narrative

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Not only is it impossible to reach 70% vaccination to achieve herd immunity, the "vaccines" only block symptoms, they don't stop transmission! The powers that be are hoping you don't put 2 and 2 together.

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The "Vaccine" is NOT a Vaccine

Pfizer announcement

Moderna announcement

Clinical considerations

Adverse reactions after vaccination

Vaccines don't end masks or restrictions

Vaccines don't stop transmission

At least 1 in 6 Canadians will never take a vaccine

Just say "No!" to experimental drugs.


China has 100 million domestic doses, 100 million imported from Germany.

200 Million out of 1.39 Billion.

If we open those airports to China before they have 70% of the population immune, that double standard would show how much of a scam thus entire scamdemic is.

Hard to believe anybody is going to take this.
Well, I know a few idiots who will.
But I mean, out of the people with brains.

If its grape flavored and sells for $5 a pop, I bet some people will think they get high off it and keep taking it.

So the vaccine turns people into asymptomatic spreaders?

The truth is out there if you look hard enough....and you don't even have to look that hard anymore, you just have to turn off CNN or Global News and look up a few simple stats. There's facts, and then there's Phactz.

So if it's just a symptom blocker, why do we need to inject everyone for herd immunity? It's creepy, they're telling us exactly how and when to get immunity from you're a public health risk for just getting the virus and getting over it yourself.

This vaccine is useless.

Now look at this shit! Fauci admits we need 80-90% vaccinated to reach herd immunity!

So not only is it impossible to reach even 70%, but the vaccines don't provide immunity, so really we're at like 0% even if we jab everybody. What a fucking load of shit! And we're spending TRILLIONS to do this!? And locking down the world, killing people and economies, to wait for the vaccine to save us? It's all a lie and so obvious!

It's crazy times

So the max they could reach realistically is like 50%...
But since the vaccine doesn't stop transmission, that's still 0% herd immunity.