Restrictions are increasing and so must the Resistance

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Almost a year into Canada's "2 weeks to flatten the curve", we are now officially in a permanent state of emergency, loss of rights, house arrest, mandatory masks, and de facto martial law.

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Restrictions and Lockdown now permanent in BC

Day 139 State of Permergency

CNN announces masks and travel bans until vaccination passports are issued

Peaceful non-compliance of unjust laws is my resistance against this rapidly advancing fascism, but I can't do it alone. If we all stopped complying with tyranny, it would end. If only a few stand up, they will be made examples of to silence the rest. Now is the time to find our courage and peacefully stand up for Liberty.



Hope this wakes more people up to what's really happening.

It's GOT to have at least some effect on people. Imagine if they had announced this a year ago? But the past year has taken a toll, and now I don't know if there's much fight left in some people. They weren't prepared for this at all.


Your post is reblogged, followed and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @drutter

Looks like all that flouride in the water is making the masses so apathetic they won't even fight against each other when they tell us to. It felt like the pot was being stirred many times in the past couple years with the blatant rampant sexism/racism/trumpism going on.

Everybody is such a scared useless baby, begging for government to care for them, demanding safety.

They're still hiding cures for cancers :/

It's surreal the government really is announcing PERMANENT lockdown. If they had done so a year ago, people would have lost their minds. Now almost everyone is demoralized, locked down, poor, isolated, and low on options. They can basically walk into people's homes and handcuff them now, there won't be much resistance at all.