Bug/issues report for 3speak network, mobile device.

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Hey @threespeak team.

It's @iliyan90 here and I'm starting this account with the purpose to report bugs and issues that we find around the Hive blockchain, within the bulgarian network.

First video is about an issue I have for a long time now, using my phone to upload videos.

Also you can find more about how this account is going to be used at the secound post @hive-test-bg

@eddiespino @starkerz @theycallmedan I'll appreciate your feedback.


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Hey @iliyan90,

What browser are you using?

I tried to replicate the issue with Google Chrome, and I could copy and paste it.


And until the other thing is more mobile-friendly, what you could do is to use the "desktop site" or version. This option is available in Google Chrome.


Thank you for your feedback!

Hey @eddiespino
I’m using Brave browser and Safari on my Iphone 📱
Not working on both browsers...

I see... I don't use Safari because I have an Android cellphone but I just tested with Brave and it works for me.

Ok ✅
It may be just on iPhone...
Will have to check on this I guess...

I just tried Good Chrome still not working on my IPhone...
It looks like an iPhone issue to me...

I will try to test with an iPhone. The closest thing I have is an iPad Pro. And @iliyan90, which version or model is your iPhone?

iPhone 7
14.4.2 version

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