My Entry to The @quillfire Song's Contest: "Rocking Out the Loot on Splinterlands"

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Hello, Dear Hivers! Hola, Queridos Hivers!

Tonight I bring you my entry for this peculiar contest created by @quillfire, where the contestants are supposed to sing Michael Bublé's
song "Winter Wonderland" with a different lyrics.

I hadn't heard anything about Quill before, it was thanks to my dad, @hlezama, that I know him now. And even though I don't understand much about that Splinterlands thing, I thought this would be a very interesting and funny thing to do. So, here's me trying to sing Quill 's poem with the melody of "Winter Wonderland".

I must admit it was a bit hard to sing this lyrics. I felt like I was saying a tongue-twister LOL. But most importantly, I had fun. So thanks, Quill, for coming up with this cool idea. 🤗

Thanks For Stopping By!

Stay true to yourself always with a smile on your face


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This was GREAT!! You have a great voice & I love the spin you put on it!! Splinterlands for the win hehehe....

Keep up the awesome work, girl! Much love, pixie dust & happy holidays to you!



OMG That's a Lovely comment... Thank you very much... It was so funny, hehehe.


Que voz tan hermosa, un grato placer escucharte.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I'm going to DM your Dad and tell him to watch out for young male Hivers who are likely to be enamored by this performance. @hlezama ... be like me and FORBID your daughter from dating software devs. They're unsavory sorts and would only drive you to drink.

@manujune, you have a beautiful voice and I hope to hear more of it in the days to come. And remember: If you love your Dad ... no dating software devs!


Yay! I'm glad you liked it!!

HAHAHAHA. Omg, you're so funny 🤣. Don't worry, I'll try not to fall for any software devs.

Thank you very much for the compliment 🤗 I'll be uploading more videos soon. Read ya! ✨

BTW ... I'm working on a new song.



Hahaha... 😁

Simply Beautiful 💖


Hi am new in this community! How do I upload my video in this community

Hi mate. Here's a link to 3Speak's website:

There's a "Sign Up" button in the top left corner.

I'm looking forward to seeing your video.


Hola @manujune , nos encanto tu post y por eso recibió nuestro upvote. ¡Muchas gracias por compartir!

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Muchas gracias por su apoyo. 😁😊

@manujune, este post a recibido un upvote por ser "musicalmente asombroso". Sigue haciendo un buen trabajo.

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Muchísimas gracias, me alegra que les haya gustado. 🤩

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Mil Felicitaciones para ti y tu hermosa voz!!

Hola! 😘
Muchas gracias... 😊