Hive Promotional Tour (week 1); A visit to basic school for hive books distribution.

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The availability of strong teaching and learning materials is one of the few elements required to assist enhance a student's education. This is a big issue in Ghana and other African countries, impeding educational advancement. This has the potential to have an impact on the future of schoolchildren who are exposed to some of these surroundings.

The hive ecosystem has made measures to solve some of these difficulties in order to enhance the education of particular communities in Ghana, thanks to the promotion efforts of @mcsamm and @collinz. We are devoted to promoting the hive ecosystem even as we supply schools with hive branded publications, in in addition to the[installation of hive boreholes for suffering towns via hive's promotional efforts.

In this writeup, I present a video of a visit we made to the Methodist Preparatory School in Agona Bedomase, Ghana's Ashanti region. The hive borehole has benefited this village, which is less developed and has many fundamental challenges. In addition to the borehole, we have promised to provide the community with hive books to assist schoolchildren who are having difficulty obtaining writing materials.


The school's headmaster, who expressed gratitude on behalf of the students, cited poor learning environments, a lack of reading and text books, insufficient research and teaching materials, a lack of computers, poverty, and other issues as critical problems that have had a significant impact on the school.

We plan to visit more schools in the coming weeks to guarantee that all or many children get a copy of the hive-branded books that we have produced. We communicate the word about hive, blockchain, and web3.0 to all of the school's kids and teachers via the distribution of these hive stationeries to assist expose them to the possibilities that hive presents. It was a stressful day for the distribution done today, but it was a huge success.

However, we have planned this to be done weekly, in other to make sure we get enough hive books to distribute with each school we visit for distribution. I would like to thank @guiltyparties, @taskmaster4450le, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, and others. @canadian-coconut, @blocktrades, @haejin @bhattg, @adetorrent, @daveks, @felixxx @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @tomhall, @daveks, and all hivers who have helped me along the way in promoting the hive ecosystem via initiatives.


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What a beautiful work they are developing in that place that, at first sight, needs support, to be able to advance in education. This gift will not only help them to write, but I see that each notebook has information about #hive. I am sure that among all these children, many professionals will emerge and in the future they will also be multipliers of good through the platform. Thank you very much on behalf of all these children. Thanks to @mcsamm and @collinz, and to all the #hivers who collaborated in this nice gesture of help.

Que hermoso trabajo están desarrollando en ese lugar que a simple vista necesita apoyo, para poder avanzar en la educación. Este regalo no sólo les ayudará a escribir, sino que veo que cada cuaderno tiene información sobre #colmena. Estoy segura de que entre todos estos niños surgirán muchos profesionales y en el futuro también serán multiplicadores del bien a través de la plataforma. Muchas gracias en nombre de todos estos niños.Gracias a @mcsamm y @collinz, y a todos los #hivers que colaboraron en este bonito gesto de ayuda.

We are very happy about your recognition of this effort @muma26. The hive-branded books are intended to teach these youngsters all they need to know about hive, web3.0, blockchain, and other information. We are planning to visit more schools in the area to share more with them. They face several more issues, which we want to address eventually with the aid of the hive ecosystem. Thank you everyone again for making this a huge success.


Glad to hear you liked my words, my friend @mcsamm. As long as they are teaching children and youth, we will have #hive for the not too distant future. I wish they could be provided with at least one computer to each group and through it teach them to live the goodness of our beloved hive. Oh, by the way, my user is @numa26. Best regards

Sorry about the typo @numa26. Computers have been one of the immediate wishes of the school and l believe the hive ecosystem could help support the school children with some computers. We can however begin to introduce them to the internet and how hive works as part of their assignments

This superb💪. See the smiles on their faces 🥰. This is a good move bro, may God reward you and your team

Thanks for your words @kingsleyy. We are just into promoting hive as we empower communities.


Ya this is so litty.... we deserve some of that joe biden us gov US AID money for sure

I should email MSNBC and go on to discuss this stuff and how we can finally bring all that democratic party woke shit to a region of the world that needs it....

We spend trillions on scams as americans and all this part of the world needs is a few million dollars a month ro jump start the lives of millions

I envision @mcaamm doing video calls woth American teachers outside in the open air Ghana schools showing off how American school kids can do fund raisers to buy themselves and their schools hivepower and actually upvote African students like PEN PALS ...creating lifelong friendships ... doing music and art collaborations and even forming profitable businesses together making nfts on ethereum to fund hive dapps like my new plan for @telokanda

That will be awesome to see someday. The blockchain can help us do more for our society.


Great work keep it up bro👌👌👍👍

Thanks buddy.

This is awesome bro, I remember we also did something similar in the old blockchain(in Uganda), I think we need to do this under Hive now 💪

It will be awesome bro. Hive is limitless.

Nice work! Happy students and cheerful atmosphere at the school! I hope you would be able to recruit new members to your team work! So, you won’t be too exhausted too quickly!🙀😂

Best wishes.

Thanks for this dear. That is what we have been up to as well.

Well done! You have all the drive and energy!


Keep up the good work brother

Am so humbled for this. Weldone @mcsamm. I remember we also had the same reach outs in 2018 with steemit. And you've inspired me to have a repeat with my team. Let's spread the word of web3.0 to the world.

You are welcome onboard bro.

You are doing great work. Supply of educational materials is a good idea as education helps to enlighten people in several ways as it will, in turn, promote hive.

Thanks, sweetie.

Not an easy task, but you did it

Good luck

Thanks for the support given us sir. We hope this helps me to do more to take hive higher.

Thanks for this philanthropical job done donating free exercise books for these school children.

My pleasure 😀

Thanks bro

Once again you raise the bar and set some amazing standards on how this blockchain can help in the world.

Thank you very much for your tireless efforts in helping your communities.