A Day in Life - Worst Customer Service & Behavior from a Branded Shop (@EVA)

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Hey everyone, Hope you are doing good...

In this video, I talked about customer service of a well known local branded shop. Honestly speaking I was not expecting this type of behavior from a cashier/sales girl because they are supposed to help and provide all the details to the customer. As far as I know, all branded shops have their own customer service and they solve issues if there is any type of issue with cards and technical side.

If you watch my video, you will know what exactly happened...

Thanks a lot for watching...



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hello dear friend @priyanarc good night
It's a shame that people no longer find satisfaction in serving a customer. This has always been the real problem of business, getting people who understand and provide the service that the customer deserves.
I am very sorry for the situation that you had to go through
Sweet dreams

I don't understand why they do this, it was a technical issue that can be solved only with their service, not from my side. Honestly speaking I know many branded shop behavior is not good, especially with the discount products, they just ignore. I have seen poor online banking services, they just ignore customer's complains infact some airlines also give bad service as well.
Thanks my friend for stopping by...

This is a deficiency that the vast majority of companies have, regardless of the sector, those that do a good job in this are the companies that lead the market. have a wonderful afternoon dear friend @priyanarc

A product may not always be the only selling point. If there is excellent customer service, customer will feel good after buying a product. Bad customer service may eventually mean losing more business as the word gets spread.


হ্যা, আপনি নিশ্চয় জানেন যে আমাদের দেশের অবস্থান এই ক্ষেত্রে কোথায়?
আমরা প্রতিনিয়ত এই খারাপ অভিজ্ঞতার স্বাক্ষী হচ্ছি?

bangladesh e to customer service bole kisu nai, vejal product diye dey r ferot dite gele no refnd ulta oshikar. Bohut hoise bangladesh e amadr sthe but ara racist. Ara Ukrainian der sthe amn behave korer sahosh paina karon jane kisu krle tara complain kre dibe but jkhn foreigner dekhe or gayer color dark dekhe aii behave start kre. Sobai na kisu new generation asob kre jegulo part time job kre.

আসলে সত্যি বলতে গেলে, আজ কাল প্রায় বাঙালীরা এই রকম প্ররিস্থিতির স্বীকার হচ্ছেন বাহিদের বিভিন্ন দেশগুলোতে। আমি জানি না এই রকম অবস্থায় শুধু আপনি পড়েছেন নাকি অন্য দেশের মানুষরাও এর স্বীকার হচ্ছে?

Kalo sada rong er to variation ageo chilo akhono ase, USA te manush asob er shikar daily e hocche. Kisu bolr nai vai, atai akhn world.

Afsus! Amader prithibitake amrai nasto kore felsi!