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This protest gave me an opportunity to look back at how privileged my life was. I hope this movement will truly respect the human rights of black people and I will continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, in the past few months, I have found racist memes and comments here on the hive. Most people have been quiet about it but if you remain silent after witnessing injustice, it's no different from participating in the act of the injustice itself I think. I’m one of the Hive supporters, however, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable being here.

One of the reasons I love this platform and have been blogging for four years is that I could meet various people from different countries and using different languages. I hope the Hive will be a community that respects various cultures and languages.

RIP for George Floyd.


Thank you for your kindness and [email protected]!! 🖤

Thank you @joalvarez!! I really appreciate your support 🖤

If you are truly tolerant towards everyone, every race, you also have to make an effort to tolerate racists.

Otherwise you're just like racists, but on the opposite side.

Freedom of expression comes first, doesn't matter what it is.