This protest gave me an opportunity to look back at how privileged my life was. I hope this movement will truly respect the human rights of black people and I will continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, in the past few months, I have found racist memes and comments here on the hive. Most people have been quiet about it but if you remain silent after witnessing injustice, it's no different from participating in the act of the injustice itself I think. I’m one of the Hive supporters, however, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable being here.

One of the reasons I love this platform and have been blogging for four years is that I could meet various people from different countries and using different languages. I hope the Hive will be a community that respects various cultures and languages.

RIP for George Floyd.

I'm with you @ramengirl...

Thank you for your kindness and support@kennyroy!! 🖤

Totally agree wihh you @ramengirl

Thank you @joalvarez!! I really appreciate your support 🖤

If you are truly tolerant towards everyone, every race, you also have to make an effort to tolerate racists.

Otherwise you're just like racists, but on the opposite side.

Freedom of expression comes first, doesn't matter what it is.

Thanks for this video. I'm an armed white male anarchist. I have been and will continue to stand up for non-violent victims of aggressors. At the protest in my town Sunday, I stood up for a woman who was non-violent yet the police were using force and being aggressive against her. Why? She simply walked into a publicly accessible parking lot with different views/speech than the other people in the parking lot. I did get physical with police who tried to stop her.

Then 2 of the last 3 nights I have been part of an armed group of citizens making sure violent protesters, ones who wish to loot and damage those who are non violent.

I will stand up and defend with force in necessary non-violent victims of aggression no matter what side they fall on. The rest is just petty politics of control and subversion.

True words. The quicker one gets financial freedom, the quicker one can get a life for him or heself. No one is ready to baby sit anyone, we have to be strong for ourselves and make the best of what we can with our lives. Thanks for this @theycallmedan What at early morning motivatiion.

As for your point at 3:40. I have a list of all the potential agitators instigating violence:
-corrupt cops
-white nationalists
-black nationalists
-foreign agents (China/Russia)
-apolitical looters who just want free stuff

However it should be known that this vulnerability is our fault as a nation. We did not sufficiently address the serious flaws in our country and that created this weakness which is now being exploited by the previously listed factions. Don't lose sight of the main goal. Black Lives Matter. The police are obsolete. We must replace them.

Nice to hear you. Yeah... creating is key. Time to build.
I find myself moving closer to those around me who are working and planning to survive through this...
focusing on the kids pairing down to the essentials.

Its time for hands in the dirt, for sweat, sowing literal and figurative seeds.

Appreciate your words and spirit, wishing your mom well and hoping you can be reunited sooner than later.
Big love,

I'm eating while people are

The political class will take every opportunity, including protests against its abuses, to increase its abuses. We are free range livestock on the tax farm. And most enjoy being fleeced, milked dry, or whatever other analogy applies. I don't think we need conspiracy theories to recognize the psychological effects of power.

"If you act like an animal, you deserve to be in a cage" POWERFUL ✊

No animal deserves a cage. Learn to respect life if you got one!

We can’t let hyenas roam the streets

No amount of cages can put them off the street. Leave them comfortable in their natural habitats and they won't bother you on streets.

They are killing people... and you don’t want that to stop?

That's not what I meant. But treating the symptom is only a temporary fix and won't solve the root problem. The circumstances demand deeper understanding of the problem. Using violence to deal with the violence will never result in long term peace. That way the problem will only get bigger with time.

Just my opinion.

Focus on the real problems instead of the phone ones

Well Dan, I have always said we are the saviours we need. I'm glad you are making that happen.

Same situations are everywhere in the world.

Well said, Dan!

Yes, sometimes you just have to step back and see what's actually going on. What would be the end result because of all of this? The thing is, no one is going to save you, you are on your own, you have to survive and take care of your family.

This vlog is like morning motivation for me. Important thing is Freedom of expression.

Glad to have you back, we know you never went away.

Like what I said in my previous comment, "But to destroying the property and harming innocent people that do not make you a good person! Protest in the right way without harming and destroying properties! I am against these people who abusing the situation! Then what? They will be stealing in the shops! Old style and abusive people in the US. That attitude will create chaos in the country! -My Opinion-"

Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully things will get better and rest of the 2020 will turn into positive changes.

Such an amazing speech your words are great.thanks for sharing

Great to hear from you man. Always enjoy your content!

And I agree with you...This world is getting worse. And it's so easy to fall for the right or left wing drama...It's still the same bird!

Focus on building! So much this!


Nice to hear you.

Good to have you back man.

From the beginning of time, the cycle has been unending. In the end, those who suffer are still us who try to fight against the system.
Yet the system never changes. Just different kinds of problems but still the same ultimate outcome every single time.
It seems like everything is going to sh*t.
We need a rebirth.

Dan, you should start (if you are not doing it already) to create motivational speeches for YouTube or on here too. Both your voice and script are so needed to be heard by many people during periods of feeling lost...

It's been a while, you still alive? JK! LOL... :)

It is really pathetic what is going on, but we all must consider truly that some pie poor are behind the masks orchestrating these evils. Some people are trying to take world powers by force, no matter what it takes.

Our part is that we should not be caught in the middle of it all. We must remember o ur humanity. I never expected people in the states to start destroying and looting other people's businesses, but that's where we find ourselves and it's really painful. Two wrongs don't make a right. At the end, what they want is we destroying our assets with our own hands, and it seems that's what's playing out.

Let's stand for humanity,
Let's uphold it,
Let's promote it!

I don't think George Floyd was a targeted victim like some claim it was. That kind of thing happens in a toxic environment like that. It's happened before, it will happen again. The powers that be just had to wait and take advantage when shit went down. Now they're in full gear, pushing through their agenda.

I'm reminded of this The Economist cover published in 1988 that hints at a world currency rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes of a burnt down economy. A good way for world domination. The supposed year was 2018, but 2020 is close enough.

The economist.jpg

George Floyd looks a lot like his friend Stephen Jackson.

@theycallmedan Thank you, I needed this 👊 Stay strong brother.

Massive speech

Resist the fucking hate, keep fucking building!
Great one!
Thanks, Dan! Take care!
Fully supporting @threespeak with our community, and thanks for your support us at #TeamUkraine

Hey man!

With your words, you give me so many emotions, anger, suffering, hope...

I was struck, touched and inspired.

Most of humanity does not take advantage of the gift of life it has had.

I spent really sad moments during my growth, meditating on my actions and those of others, with each blow I responded by getting up stronger than before.

I don't have much faith in our future, but I remain hopeful anyway.

In my small way I try to help others in the best possible way and teach them what I have learned and above all not to make my own mistakes. ✌️

I really don't know where to start. Things are collapsing at much higher rate than I have seen over my life. Some of the situations I never ever thought HUMANITY would ever have seen. Sometimes I really wonder is it the life that we are all fighting for? and was it really worth it ?

This lock down have really shown the TRUE faces of those Politicians (at least of my country) , in amidst this life and death situation they are thinking of scouring profits from people in every damn way. Sometimes I really wonder, if they will take all the money along with them in the grave.

While you are correct, making thyself first stand to a position where you can make yourself stand strong is indeed a must deal for the time being. While I wish sth could be done from my end as well. Don't wanna feel this feeling of being left out in the next coming years. That's for sure.

While sorry to hear about your Mother, hope she recovers soon. And your bro hope he is stays well.

Besides, this situation is going to be a much more hazardous one in the coming days and I hope HUmanity survives, along with a lesson.
Stay safe & strong.

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Thank you for the life update. I was worried about you.
Prayers for you, your Mom, and your Brother.

Wise words you speak.
More people need to hear you speak.


A policeman kills a colored man and the whole world shakes.

China kills 385,000 people worldwide with its bioweapon, and does not give it a pinch.

He might not even be dead. His friend Stephen Jackson looks a lot like him. I did a comparison video.

Yeah, without a doubt those protesters sympathise the death of that person.

There were protesters because the people feel something's not going right. There were those abusers are enjoying the situations right now. Especially those corrupt people who wants to rule.

It's hard to decide what to do right now when many people doesn't have the same ideals as you are. But still you said well, it's nice to hear youe thoughts about the situation right.

By the way hope your mom will be fine and you can see her again. Keep safe..

We're in the PERFECT STORM that John Paul Jackson prophesied about for so many years.

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, Dan. I had no idea. I hope one day the world will wake up to the absurdity of our current drug laws.

Was really touched by pretty much everything you said in this video. Well said. So much respect for you.


Absolutely organise. People got smarted after months of lockdown. My friends would say, rather die of covid than die of hunger. The poor gets poorer and you name it.. At least in the US, there is a kind of help.
Here is the Philippines, there is some donation of food. Each family are allocated with certain amount of rice, sardines.. But this is what happen here, the one who leads the small town, or those who has connection with this politician, they get first, and when the 5 kilo of rice reach to each household, it became only 2 kilos and the 5 cans of sardines became 2 cans instead.
and you know what? this person who corrupting the donations files all this kilo of rice and cans of sardines for money. Yes, they keep it and then sell it later.

I would like to add an observation based on my friends recent activities on fb/insta, but I am pretty sure that we all have seen people like this. I am talking about certain kind of tourists on vacation in Africa or Asia, taking photos for the local poor people, considering it a "must to see, do & have" during their trip and not paying any attention for those issues during the whole year of their regular life. Women gathering algae in Zanzibar or skinny, half-starved children in Kongo aren't museum exhibits, ffs! I see it as some kind of white supremacy, mentally masturbating around global and social inequalities. Now those people are actively showing their support (which is obviously important!), but I will probably go nuts, if after lockdown, all of those "photos from last holidays" will thoughtlessly avalanche my social media again. Black Live Matters all the time, not only during the protest.

Dan, this is so inspiring.

I've lived and seen this before in Argentina play, again and again, now I live in Australia and none of this really bothers me because as you said it, we have to focus on ourselves, build ourselves up and help others that way. They are trying to distract us, but when you decide not to play the game, you are free.

They want us against each other, so when hate comes to us we have to respond with love.

Understanding the macro and keep working without distractions.

Huge admiration for your work in 3Speak and the community.

Thanks a million!


I really think it is the community itself that must use the HIVE blockchain a lot and also respond to those who do not use it.


Good to hear you back.
I need long audio content, and it’s always good to have you here and worn in every