SPK Network Kick Off Meeting

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This is a recording of the first official kick-off meeting for the SPK Network, where we go through every detail of the scope of work.

Intro & format of the meeting

Test nets:
-Token System

Notes / actions:
Request community take part in the test net for the multi-sig wallet, as well as the other test nets

In attendance:

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Oooh boi!!!

Theta is doing streaming broadband to replace cdns with a meshnet, I hope ya'll looked at what they are doing to see how it adapts for hive.

They have "something" that exists for sure, but it's not in use or being put far on the backburner for them. I've looked into the inner workings of sliver.tv (the flagship platform using Theta), turns out all content is being streamed through a centralized CDN endpoint, no P2P, meshnets or anything like that. Also the majority of their code is closed source so who knows whether something legitimate actually exists behind the scenes.. That being said we will have our own decentralized livestreaming protocol using IPFS.

Theta.tv is the public face of what they are doing.
I'd agree that they are more interested in selling nft's than pushing the platform out into production.
I don't know why that is, but it does seem to be the case.



These links might update some info for you.

Here is their github, I don't know how open source that makes it, but it has to not be entirely closed source if they are putting the code on github, yes?

I certainly hope that ya'll do a good job of competing with them, but until Samsung signs up to stream content on the Speak network I'm gonna hang onto mine on the off chance they prove to be the vhs of streaming.
Even though they seem to be dragging their feet on a nearly production ready project.

In any event, they will be kyc compliant, so, that sucks hard.
If you want your nft's you have to kyc, or you don't control them.

I've looked through their docs a fair bit. They certainly have a good idea and vision but little on how that vision is actually accomplished.
As for their github, their blockchain appears to be a fork of Ethereum (not original). As for a few other repos/apps. The browser plugin/javascript for interacting with the network and supposedly taking part in decentralizing network is definitely on the github, but it's heavily obscure/minified javascript, completely unreadable to most developers. Considering this software interacts with private keys seems a bit dangerous to not have fully open and transparent. The desktop app source code is no where to be found which also touches private keys and does all of "mining" and operations for publishing streams the network. I did look into the inner workings of the app by reverse engineering it (it's all javascript and electron). I definitely found ffmpeg, and [email protected] executables plus one other bundled with the app (unknown to me what it is). Of course of which is a good sign for them as users seem to be doing real work. That being said, I found other numerous exes with seemingly no source code I could find anywhere (but being critical to the operation of the app), plus hardcoded centralized endpoints all across the obscure javascript. From what I could tell all of the validation happens on a centralized server ran by Theta and possibly other heavily control entities. Not to say it's all bad of course, but it's definitely not what is being proposed to investors and users. It's a great proof of concept for distributed computing, falls short in major areas.

That all being said we are aiming to develop a standard for decentralized livestreaming which would allow platforms to build livestreaming functionality into their site. (from what I've read is Theta limits who can use the software, it's not an open door). Along with of course us building the incentivization system around video encoding, content distribution, data storage, etc. Of course in the early stages so I can't say we are a practical alternative yet.

That is good to know, thank you.
I had only what a salesman was dishing out.
I was wondering what was holding them up.
The edge nodes don't have a linux version, but they are supposed to do 'folding' if you want to earn more from them.

I'm sure an open source project will do much better in the long run.
I may trade out of theta and into broca, as long as the plan stays on track.

@phusionphil can spread more light on how to start broadcasting, he does an edge cast.
I don't get to watch it because you can only watch them through a node and I use linux.

thanks for the shout out, I am trying to do some out reach to see who my content appeals to and appreciate this a lot!

So, can I get tfuel for running an edge node in docker?

I have been trying to monitor that, but with the lower viewer count on the edge node it seems unlikely someone will be within that 1000m range you mentioned. Although in theory it should work exactly like the main domain streams.

Listening now! Let’s go!

they even got 4 cans of spam from the community stalker :D

his spam bot doesn't differentiate between new and updated posts -- thinks they are all new posts. :P

stupid robots! I hope that guy behind the spam gets some help..

Desde mi óptica SPk va ser la mejor la mejor plataforma de protocolo descentralizado del mundo solo necesita tiempo para posicionarse .

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Good News on the way...

Just a question:

Is there any plans about a mobile app for the SPK network?

Namaste 🙏

Is there any plans about a mobile app for the SPK network?

Yes, but not in the current scope. We are likely going to optimize the current site as best as possible for mobile viewing, and build a more modern site using reactJS. One nice part of the reactJS version is we can theoretically package it inside of an app like container for Android and iOS too (iirc). Of course it won't have the full features of a native mobile app. Additionally, working with 3rd party entities might yield a mobile app sooner than planned.

Thank you ☺️
Namaste 🙏

so the claimdrop snapshot will be somewhere near the end of the year
good to know : )
im very much looking forward to seeing this whole project emerge! Massive

I can't wait to stream live!....Better days ahead.