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Just havin' some fun with all my Steem Merchandise. What I really think about the day when Justin Sun took over the platform. 🀣

It's straight up "Garbage" these days! 🀒

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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LOL ... the book to :)

Yeah, might as well HAHA

Could of used a sharpie for the notebook 🀣

Ahahah that's too funny!
Just a few moments ago I was talking with @pixiepost about this.
Having to keep both Steem and Hive is like having to take care of two houses at the same time..but the first house is getting old and infested with nasty creatures so better sell what's still worth and move on to the brand new and better house ahaha
Thanks for the laugh!

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"Nasty Creatures" HAHA.... I totally agree! 🀣

Hahha yeah we were and I said Steem is a bad word right now πŸ˜‚ I cannot agree enough - we only need one house, thank you very much! 🐝

Steem on hive, bro you let never them alone!

Β 3 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

Let’s focus on making HIVE bigger and stronger

You're right, I've been slackin' with all this going on in the USA... but I'll be back 😎

Boom! Welcome

Thank you 😊

BOOM! And buh-bye Steem! lol That video was epic! Spring cleaning makes more room for HIVE merch as well as all the other goodies going on right now.

What do I always say in my videos & readings? Out with the old & in with the new! ;) Hope you're doing well, my friend! :)

Hmmm, I might have to get some hive merch soon πŸ€‘

@hiveswag has some great merch. I got an awesome mug there! πŸ™ŒπŸ’²

ha ha ha ha ha the best!

Poor Partiko....WTH happened to them lol

That partiko book was saved for over a year for the comeback haha

Steem turned crap I'm taking everything out


The partiko book...woohoo!

I have a couple of T-shirts with the steem logo on them that I was thinking of burning on video, so I share your sentiment. A coffee cup and plenty of silver rounds too but I'm not throwing them out. They can serve as a reminder to me that good things can go to shit when shit people get involved :)

I was waiting for you to take out a match and set the trash bin on fire!

You forgot the tunage!

Take it away Patty!

Β 3 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

Haha, great stuff @stackin! Looks like you could use some new #HiveSwag ;)


We even accept Hive/HBD directly through our site checkout!

@stackin, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!
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