The Case For $2 LEO: My Thoughts

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@nealmspadden did an analysis of how $2 LEO is possible.

Here is the link to the video he posted about that:

He laid out his model of how $2 LEO is possible under the worst case scenario.

In this video I lay out some other ideas associated with the ones covered and how the numbers are actually rather conservative.

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Yeah, I agree that 2 USD/LEO is very conservative. My next video is going to be the aggressive case :)

Well you have $86 HIVE on the table so $150 LEO probably is not out of the realm of "fun with numbers".

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I have followed both videos and I find good insight in both of them. Glad to see you engaging with some other content, is somehow unexpected but that just adds value and debate to thrown theories.

The initial video looked for me more like science fiction or wishful thinking, but based on your feedback there might be something to it. See things through addictive users rather than the numbers of them is pretty accurate as i am one of such users. And for sure there are others also.

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Glad you found it to be useful.

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I was intrigued by Neal's numbers so watched both his video and then your follow up today.

I'm with you that the numbers he ran were actually conservative rather than outlandish.

Just gotta keep building that organic SEO traffic to our still relatively young domains and the potential is crazy.

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LEO could trade for $10 and still be worth less than both HIVE and STEEM are currently...

That is certainly true. I am not sure where the idea of being more than HIVE or STEEM comes from.

The distribution is a lot lower.

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Yep, 5 million coins vs 315 million coins.

tempted to swap all my Steem for Leo.

That's how I ended up here :)

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Update for regular authors

I do not want to be greedy ,10000 LEO,$10 per LEO, 30% curation APR. I will retire. Do not dream for being millionaire and flamboyant lifestyle.

When I say retire I mean job not the work.

I don't think Niel is crazy because there is so much upside, you see teh current 12-14 cent range is with say 1000 monthly users competing and holding and making the market. To 10x users is not impossible, they don't even need to buy just come in and compete for the reward pool and there's so much LEO can do with ad optimisation.

I would also like to see tip burning too, I come across a lot of old articles Id like to tip but a front end button with a burn portion would make it even better.

It's small things that compound like that, then looking outside LEO uniswap is the first of many now that you're an ERC-20 you can get on more DEX's and CEX's and drain more liquidity to make those markets.

As most LEO holders don't really unstake that easy, except now with the UNI bounty, a price is only as low as the weakest hand

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