wLEO Day: Let Us Temper Things A Bit

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As most are aware, today wLEO hit the market. This sent a rush of excitement through that community and, many on Hive, in general. As exciting as this is, we must temper things a bit while stepping back.

In this video I discuss how wLEO is just a part of a series of steps that will take place by the end of the year. The goal is not to get the price action going but to extend the reach of LEO as well as Hive. In the end, growth is what is sought and this is one method that is being employed.

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Yes, very good points. Plus it will take some time for the defi groups to dip their toes in... :)

Equilibrium is good in everything and tempering things will ensure a healthy and constant growth. The rise should be translated also into value and overestimating is not good the the LEO ecosystem.

Having a long term strategy for the LEO is something that makes me hold my tokens and continue to power up. As I don't have liquid LEO nor does it worth to un-stake my 700 LEO, I will continue the chosen path and keep my faith that once a value is reached that is kept as well.

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There is an advantage to those who stayed power up and use their LEO stake to keep curating and adding through activity. With so much moving off chain, there is more value for the users remaining in terms of their voting power.

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I truly appreciate the insight and hope you are right as for the moment this is the only path for me. If I had few thousand LEOs probably that would have changed a little bit.

Anyhow the reason why I've joined Steem, Hive and LEO was because of the people around and now more for the communities and in commenting and blogging I've found a way to connect and share common interest.

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This was quite a very educative video. Something strategic must be done to organically grow LEO. The wLEO launch is just one activity/event.

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