Token Price On Parity To HIVE Does Not Mean It Is As Valuable As HIVE

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There seem to be a lot of people asserting that LEO is closing in to parity of HIVE. By this, there will be a 1:1 pricing in the tokens. The problem with this view, by many, is that the value of those projects is not close. Even at parity, HIVE is still worth 75 times what LEO is.

In this video I discuss more about the maximalist viewpoint and why it is dangerous. We are now seeing some maximalism arising within the Hive ranks.

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This could all go in many directions, depending on your perspective... but you do make a very valid point.

On the other hand, we could also look at the inflationary nature of the supply of Hive vs. the static supply of Leo. Leo is relatively scarce, so does that open it up to more pump-and-dump situations, once the wrapped version is reality? Do we need to look at the "underlying asset," like one does with stocks? Is the independent development happening with the LeoFinance brand valuable?

Whatever happens, it'll be exciting to watch... my little stash of LEO from the very early days of SCOT tribes on Steem-engine has certainly gained multifold...


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The activity and, as you say, the brand of LEO is the underlying asset. It has value although it is likely the price will not mirror it. There is a chance that we do see a pump and dump scheme with wLEO. It seems that is commonplace in the Ethereum DeFi world these days. It is as if they go through a rotation to see what they can pump.

my little stash of LEO from the very early days of SCOT tribes on Steem-engine has certainly gained multifold...

This is the valid point I think people need to remember. Receiving a multiple increase in the value of one's holdings can really make a difference. This is especially true if one received them as a reward as compared to buying.

Many different forms of accumulation are now possible.

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I see what you mean about market cap and total value, but I gotta say hive has a ton of leftover inflation that Leo does not. I somehow missed the drama between hive and leo, I like them both and agree that whats good for one also helps the other!

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Funny thing is that few even know what the inflation of LEO is. Here is a hint: it is higher than HIVE.

That said, when growth is taking place, few care what the inflation rate is. It is like the UNI token, most arent concerned how many are being paid out. Instead, people are trading/buying based upon speculation.

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Very crucial theme you choose to discuss in your 13 min video. The place of Hive as a grand and "Union Crypto" for all the tokens that are and would be ever created on the blockchain is classic. While the second layer tokens would help to create utility, it all falls back to the betterment of HIVE.

As we mused some time in the past, HIVE would in the future serve the purpose that BTC/USD are presently serving within the crypto/fiat market and that if other communities within the Hive ecosystem create a unique definition and utility for their tokens.

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WTF taskman you going through a crisis?
I thought you were all for Leo hitting heights. Do you have a contractual clause with the whales here on Hive that have called you in to check yourself?

Imo, Leo has a better model for success.

It's a relevant niche in crypto that doesn't need to attract everybody but whoever it attracts would naturally realize that buying in has great value.

Leo should detach from Hive.

Leo should detach from Hive.

Why should LEO do that? Hive is a ledger that stores the data. LEO is already moving outside the Hive ecosystem, involving itself with ETH and, in the future, other platforms. Thus, other than the posting, LEO is expanding more.

Do you have a contractual clause with the whales here on Hive that have called you in to check yourself?

Sorry but dont have Whales who call me. Not in that realm.

However, when people blatantly present a side of things while omitting the entire reality, it is good to point things out as you opt to do. Saying that a the price of LEO passing HIVE means that LEO is more valuable is not correct. By that claim, then SBI, BRO, and a host of other tokens on H-E are move valuable simply because they are worth more than 1 HIVE.

We could also make the claim that HIVE is more valuable than TRON since it is 16 cents versus 3 cents (or whatever the price is). Here again we see the fallacy in that statement.

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The whales comment was a joke.
Who knows who is chummy with who here.

The point on LEO is a passing remark but the reason I made it is that I see it as a negative that LEO needs people to first enter through the Hive door to get to them. If people want to join LEO then they need to join Hive too no? I get that whole 'everyone is in it to see this whole thing succeed' but sometimes the child is better off leaving home.

Anyway I find those Leo guys entertaining. Their videos represent the quintessential crypto enthusiast. At times optimistic at times fearful of total failure. They should market that as part of the package. It reminded me of the old meme days of crypto. It should always be fun so I wish them success with it. Obviously there's real money at play but it's all still the wild west.

I think you're a good character here too.
I actually see you as the spiritual leader/guru of this now.
Committed you are, so respect for that.

Preach on Brother....we will get halo effects who ever successful.

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i am fed-up withe the downvoting, hivewatcher and others quality policing, curation reward reduction and other destructive hive proposals. moving to BLURT in a hurry!

I havent looked much at BLURT. I delegated my tokens to someone doing curating on there.

We will see how that one unfolds.

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watch many of ur shows and i enjoy it. maybe u want to shine ur light over BLURT in ur show, more blockchains is more choices is best right? 😂

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FOMO is often responsible for many bad investment decisions. Some people just need to cool off a bit, and take a more grounded approach. I respect the fact that you're going a bit against the wave, trying to write/speak more realistically.

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