Well inasmuch as we can talk about the potential of hive, talking about what it needs to be better is healthy, we need to acknowledge a need for betterment, basically this level of equilibrium reminds us that we have a lot to accomplish.
As for your analogy with college, I understand, I dropped out nearly twice out of college and sometimes it basically feels like we're made for something else while so many other people are made for other things. We have different abilities to make impact on our own term and putting my own into play, I'd say the internet has become the most powerful tool for some of us to become refined, knowledgeable and of course our exposure to some of the techs behind blockchain.
It was beautiful hearing you talk about yourself, how far you have come and some of the ideas for hive going forward. Cheers Dan,

The only way I see that someone take over Hive governance is to slowly accumulate tokens over a long period of time, maybe a year .... and who knows what will happen in that year .... even then, the nuclear option, forking ia still on the table ... and if someone spent a yeat in accumaltion, then why not just work with the community..... the other way might be the exchanges, but with dealyed voting that is a lower possibility now, and also exchanges will not likley want to be involved in gov voting again. ....

I like the analogy you use with animals because we indeed live in a "modern" jungle. I know what a 4th and 10, oh how do we know in this Pariah shit hole what is a 4th and 10. I'm a huge fan of American Football, too (Go Bucs). I'm gonna paraphrase Al Pacino on this one by saying that this is a game of inches, we need to fight for that inch, bleed out for that inch. Very motivational talk bro.


Everything you're saying is right in the place.

  • Today I was going over the Facebook censorship with a friend of mine, and he knows it exists!
    I was trying to get him on Hive to build a community here...
  • He was like, people are not going to wake up any time soon to understand what they are doing do our communication and how they entertain them all the time with a special newsfeed created for them to keep them clicking and watching their finds BS.

I know I have shadowban on Facebook!


All of my followers came to me this summer after a TV show in Bulgaria.
They follow me because of my Yoga practice and my way of teaching, but they just don't get my posts in their newsfeed because of my shadowban...


To have in mind

Also will be good if you work around @threespeak videos to show a play button ▶️ when you post a video, I use @ecency so far but with their update today we lost it as well.

It use to show it like this:
Makes it more visible to people that is a video, other way they just think it is a photo...


Could you elaborate, how we can improve it from our side? 😉

@ecency I replayed to the other comment.

I’m planning to look at my HIVE scoreboard in 2025.

You can’t fake decentralisation and building truly decentralised protocol take years.

Good luck for tomorrow!

You are a true inspiration! I wish you a lot of luck tomorrow although you do not need it as I know you will be awesome! Live life on the 4th and 10! NICE!

Go eat them, tiger! Good luck with your speak tomorrow!

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@theycallmedan... you are a true inspiration!!!

Dan be up here talking some shit that the majority of people on hive would have no idea what the heck he's talking about while seemingly looking for polyps from someone's colonoscopy, yeah dude you are definitely motivated, you've opened a new frontier for proof of stake.

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