Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of the Web 3 World - Ep. 9

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Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3 world - Episode 9

Main segment

Shit We Found

Biden monitoring 600 usd crypto trades but promising to tax top 55 companies - system is creaking

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As you mentioned, we can turn web 2 as a traffic funnel to web 3.

At the same time, we must interact and engage within web3 to make sure the community is growing organically.

Great to see you back Nathan!

Glad to be back with my tribe :)

Tiny contribution to spread the gospel.
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 4.00.23 PM.png

Lol did you see:

"Someone bought that emoji for tether", and not even an NFT.

IMO a good idea for Hive. 1500 Hive to 0 and an Emoji on Blockchain Level. Or 5000 HBD.

Something like that. ( prices could be much higher in HBD I think). An un-muteable Emoji for a hashtag.

So cool and offtopic :) I will watch now your video and edit this comment after I watch :)

Edit: Do you DAO BRO?

'blockchain' level emojis sounds cool, but its not a real thing. Blockchains eat text, emojis are like :sob: = 😭

Emojis get recognized by the front ends, and images appear. They are tracked in a table.

sure, Twitter sells emojis for a lot of money :) So its should have there own shortcut and maybe an encrypted picture to it.

So in theory its a blockchain level emoji :D

Lol HBD will be worth shit if the USD collapses @darkflame

That makes sense. Still, USD is more valuable than crazy Loonies.
Alternatively, we have

Yeah i was considering buying Bitcoin again but there is still too much media spin for me to feel rational

I bought the dip today, but may swap if it keeps dropping.
ZEC has been climbing against BTC since Oct 12/21

lol as usual its all arguing in the low volume coin markets while the big cap coins we have are silently enjoying the storm.

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what da fuq

I almost spit through my nose seeing this on Hive, lol the internet lol we are on the internet... lol

Lol and some how I am flagged by the spam gods of hive lol

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! This was fuckin funny as hell!! @paulafox @darkflame

The video is really nice. I am learning too many things here on hive.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I didn't think that steem vs Tron Tug of war was the best article for Meltems to see or look at, it's obvious she's lost and lack of the right knowlege is making her thinking there are no good guys. She's obviously familiar with the likes of twitter talking about wanting to improve web2.0 but everyone knows it's a big lie, some of these greedy organisations are buying into crypto because of the greed and not because it's a revolutionary tech, this sorts of paints crypto in a bad light. I'm sure she hasn't seen or understood what true decentralisation is, the world of DeFi and of course hive as the most sophisticated blockchain. We obviously had to make a better impression and that reply tweet didn't sell it. She might still read through and not be impressed or bought. She's probably in the loop and looking for answers like many others.

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I once took a few months break, was totally overwhelmed by all that had changed in the meantime, felt like a noob all over again. 😂

Good times.

I really think I need to have a conversation with you guys, because we think so much alike! Obviously I come from a different background with the skatehive community, but ultimately I think our goals are the same, decentralization of the powers that be!
Also would love to get your thoughts on our Stoken plans, and roll out. Hopefully we can also work with SPKnetwork and tie all the best parts of Hive together.

"WebVC in the sheets"?

Hmm Maybe Dan has a few things he wants to tell us.

I think we need to use YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook as our communication system. This will keep Hive on the same lever as all other blockchains.

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Great spanish @starkerz sounds italian, but great spanish, better than my horrible english 😁😁😁

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Pretty interesting thanks for giving this talk


Really good to listen episode.
As you said @theycallmedan
We all need some time off once in a while to come back with fresh ideas.
People still can’t see completely the bigger picture behind hive.
Time will come.

Namaste 🙏