Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 33

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Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 33


CTT Episode week 33

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Prediction Markets Intro


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MetaMask stops working as Infura suffers another service outage


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Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 32


Good talk you guys…

People just can’t grasp that their likes, comments(interests) cost millions of dollars and basically their accounts(sill ours as well) cost like $300-$500 as someone said in the talk…

Looking forward to joining you to next week talk…


Awesome post!!!! Thanks for the tag!

Nice one, seeing this for the very first time and I will be showing more here to also contribute too

Awesome talk as usual champs. Good to be participating. Eagerly waiting for next CTT. Let's go!

Nice to have a Talk Show in Hive!
Is there a group somewhere to know your next show agenda?

Many thanks to you for mentioning my name in your post.

As always best CTT and this talk shows are really very helpful for we all hivers specially for new comers. Thanks sir Dan for arranging or hosting such awesome talk show. Stay blessed!!

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Future markets = very interesting in a decentralized way!

Thank you very much for the mention gentleman, I appreciate it very much.

thanks for the mentions

Thank you for the update sir.

excellent! thank you for bringing us these projects, always innovating and improving our hive, best regards DAN, A STRONG HUG!

So many things to learn here. Thanks for sharing