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quick update on what i've been up to.

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This video was about 5 days old. So much has happened since then. The rest of this month will be very hectic for me as the baby is due any day now. Will give another update when I can. BUIDL on!

Obv I made this video before https://cubdefi.com/ was launched. This is an amazing step for Hive, and the perfect place to get familiar with defi due to it being created by our very own and we obv know its 100% legit!

These things happen, I do hope it only makes 3Speak stronger. Bravo to the new devs for stepping up to the plate. Congratulations on being a father!!

Properly implemented "DeFi" is coming to HIVE here soon enough.. Proposal for it coming soon. With all these different HIVE sidechains happening it's my hope that the HSC EVM sidechain becomes the mac daddy of features here on HIVE.

As a matter of necessity on how I could decentralize the lending contracts on the upcoming Hive.Loans service I stumbled upon some info regarding how the EVM could be run in a private setting but in a decentralized manner.. Then, Inspired by watching BnB go to the moon with their centralized EVM instance I realized that we could bring that same functionality to HIVE but with a decentralized proof of work chain helping us attract nodes.

I'll be making a proposal for the HSC (Hive Side Chain) development that my dev partner and I will be starting work on here in the next few days. It's the next logical step for HIVE and this will create a hell of a demand for HIVE when we've got a fully smart contract capable sidechain with HIVE being used as the base currency.

You're speaking what I'm building man. BnB is centralized EVM instance and its over $200+ a pop.. With their market cap and our total supply it works out to $85 per HIVE...

How many millions of dollars increase in market cap you figure we see in a few months after this thing is launched and marketed properly? My guess is we're top 100 market cap rank in the first few months and top 10 within a year once the word of mouth spreads.

I dig what you're throwing down. Thanks for the vote earlier and your support of my best effort to modernize and make HIVE competitive against the top ranked market cap coins. <3

I was really excited to read what you're building. I also like the fact you'll use Hive as gas, great idea. You'll have my full support.

It was the only logical way to give HIVE a competitive advantage over higher ranked market cap coins.

These other sidechains with their own tokens.. while unpopular opinion, are trying to enrich themselves or their brand of crypto / side-chain / project or whatever and that is fine... But that isn't what the HSC project is about.. It's about bringing more functionality to HIVE as a network and everyone profiting off of what's done via the HSC platform. The market is pretty friggin' clear on what it wants for smart contracts capability and unless we're offering it somehow, we're not even going to sniffed at as a competitive or something worth taking a second look at.

Highly appreciate the support man, quite excited to have looked at the EVM code thanks to binance and realized that something greater than what they built could be achieved with a little ingenuity. Looking to write up the proposal for the HSC development overview today and we'll see where that all takes us in a day or so. Got a fair amount of coding and writing to do today so I'll get back to it.

Have a gooder captain.

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Great to see you're learning how DEfi works I mean it's a whole mazy protocol and these things need in-depth time to actually understand how it really works. As for your wife it's pretty good to be okay and appreciate her Choices as to what she wants with you both's baby. I'll say congratulations in advance
Hoping to see what the speak token will be all about and when it'll be, been working under the radar, I know. Hopefully soon things will happen.

Will be eagerly waiting for the Decentralized Defi on hive - we need to show the vitamins to the world - CZ will regret for his acts after that.

Too bad about 3speak, but I hope they can fix everything and it won't happen again.

Good to hear something about your son and that you are preparing so that your wife is in what she wants.

It is true the user experience is marketing and it takes a lot of creativity to attract many people and reduce friction with the use of blockchain applications.

Decentralization doesn't matter when the user experience is bad.

Currently people ignore high commissions and bad user experience because we are on the part of attracting innovators, but then that can be a problem.

Tokenized communities are a challenge, we hope to announce the Hispanic community token soon, with Venezuela as a priority.

Very few people think about long-term investments.

Greetings, friend.

Decentralization doesn't matter when the user experience is bad.

This is so true; developers ignore that.

Everything will be just great and I don't have the smallest doubt about that.

Wanted to ask you something tho, is it going to be possible to build an NFT platform using 3speak, and if so, do you guys plan to open the SIP so other community apps can contribute via some % and vice-versa?

Would like to speak to you once you take care of your family. - congratz btw!!

All the best buddy.

NFTs will be a huge part of the SPEAK network, native NFTs. We use all the help that is available. The Whitepaper will be released soon and we plan to setup a clubhouse like place on telegram where Matt, me or a SPEAK dev will be avail to answer questions

Awesome, looking forward to it.

Namaste @theycallmedan
Happy to hear that you and your wife are so open-minded to childbirth.
The kids are swimmers by nature, there is nothing stronger than the survivor instinct.
They are coming with their full potential here on this earth.
All the best on your parenting journey.
My cousin @koychev22 just become a father for the first time as well.
So it is a great experience no doubt about it!

Hive will thrive in just a matter of time, and understanding from a user perspective...
We just need a little bit to get exposure.
As you know and many people know, it’s still very hard to get exposure with all those shadow bans around social media.
But still just a matter of time ;)

Namaste 🙏

Congrats on becoming a dad soon!

Baby coming! Cool! That'll keep you busy. Lucky him/her to be in crypto since the earliest possible age! :D

You know we would loveeeeeeeeeeee to have your wife post on the Motherhood Community all about her experience! and you too as well cause our community allows dads to post about their fatherhood! you can find awesome post from other parents there that can help with this new amazingly crazy chapter in your life!!!

I'm sure she would love to join, I'll let her know

Congratulations, being a dad is a very wonderful experience. Blessings to your baby.🦋💙🙏

Besides what you are sunsetting, I hope you've got someone going over his code line by line if you keep using it.

any code made by the ex dev will be burned and never used again. We are building it from the ground up via the desktop app and big updates coming to that soon.

Awesome! Shitty that happened. I seemed to recall that cat being involved with some other conspiracies on STEEM.

Sounds exactly what @klye was discussing in his post yesterday.

Hive Side Chain (HSC) has such a nice ring to it.

A lot going in with development on Hive right now. It is great that we are all in the right place.

Good luck with the birth of your child. It is a magical time.

Ya this post was about 5 days old, uploaded then that drama with the dev happened. Never a dull moment I can tell you that. So much has happened in the past week it's really amazing. I did see what Kyle is working on and plan to dive deeper

Also hell man, I can hear how excited and nervous you are about the kid on the way!
Everything will be fine and everything in your life will change perspective.

I think you'll be a good dad. Just make sure to keep an eye on your old lady after the birth. Sometimes chicks go post partum depression or just get overwhelmed with it all (rightly so). Things are going to completely change in your life man and I'm excited to see how your family becoming +l will put everything into a different perspective for you as man and now father.

Keep spitting the plan to the masses. 2021 is the year where HIVE's deep roots start to produce viable fruit for the chain.

Don't be afraid to shoot me a message somewhere if you need to bounce some baby stress off me or just need to throw some shit off your chest that you need said without the risk of judgement or whatever. Lots of resources here on Hive, all you gotta do is ask. :)

thanks mate. when things get to be a lot I like to simplify life down to one breath at a time. control what can be controlled, go through the motions that you need to go through and keep a balanced center with controlled breathing. I can use all the Dad advice I can get so sounds good thanks for reaching out

All good in the hood man. It's one of those long haul lead up anxiety fests that only someone whose been through truly "gets". After you've seen childbirth first hand up close you level up as a man in my opinion. I damn near fainted when they took a pair of scissor to her netherbit lips as I was holding her left leg open due to tearing but certainly would rather live with that experience than have not been in the room helping. Try and get as much sleep as you can if baby is due any day now.. Depending on how long labour is you might be up for a day or 3 overseeing momma and baby after nature does it's course and you never look at a vagina quite the same way again. :P

Nothing wrong with taking a step back and clearing your head. The thing about parenting is their isn't really any "100% correct" way to do it and we're all noobs headed into our first kid so don't be hard on yourself if you get overwhelmed or frustrated.. Know you got supports around you even though it might feel like the whole fucking world is barreling down on ya at times.

Take er easy too, it's a crazy time, sip a beer or have a cigar if you're into that sort of thing and enjoy the last few days of your life where you're the main character and concern of your life ultimately. Because once baby comes the dynamics of everything change and it can be quite a surreal experience.

Your vision is our vision. Thanks for reminding us constantly how awesome Hive and its community is. I am here nearly four years now but it has never been as awesome as now!

When Threespeak brings forward a decentralized video and image platform - any apparently much more according to this video - we will change the world forever.

Hey dan good... have a great time with the baby coming!
i got one recently :)

wow congrats mate! looking forward to the day Ander arrives

Underwater birth

Nice...I think I would be like to do that with my future wife

familiarizing with def

Leofinance just started and it's cool playing around with it. Having liquidity pools on hive will be awesome.

Waiting to see what you and your team have off your sleeves. Cheers!

yep been farming CUB, love the setup and the timing was perfect. Team LEO prove worth of their name as lions.

Congratulation on you becoming a dad soon and I know you surely be a good father

Wow nice
Hello sir can we talk?.i am new at hive.i need to talk with you.
This is my intro post.and please sir help me to grow up.