One difference between now and two years ago, is that we collectively have more resources as compared to then.

With all the success of Layer 2, people now have a lot more value if there is another attack. Being able to pull in more resources from the community is another defense center.

People who had nothing back then now have thousands; those with thousands have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. If needed, there is a lot for the entire ecosystem to tap into.

Keep filling those bags people, this is another layer of resiliency.

hey i've been afk for a bit, can we claim the token yet or still waiting?

you are psyched!
Inspiring performance there Dan. A lot of furtherance going on in your life! Ive been far more attracted to acceptance recently, but I have to admit, this kind of made me want to hit the gym! haha. The pendulum keeps swinging closer and closer to the middle way....
Every moment is perfection. We don't have to win battles in order to achieve perfection, there is perfection in failure. There is perfection now. As much as you don't want the wind to determine your journey, its good to remember that we dont have to allow the voice of furtherance to drive us either. The ultimate furtherance can feel almost effortless. Just as deepest acceptance can feel hard fought for. If not this then better. But as well.... there is only this.
Big love x

it's actually really smart having to run a node to earn SPK tokens... if it's that easy to run it, count me in :)

btw, where is a quick DIY guide to run a node? I couldn't find it here

The nodes are still being worked on, we are adding more and more testers everyday, esp to the encoding node which I believe will be one of the easier ones to run for most people.

okay thanks, hope I will be able to run one


I like how you compared it to Super Mario.

It is the willpower to learn that makes anything simple, I still remember how three speak was a bit complex in 2019, I guess. But eventually, now it is easy, smooth, and simple.

Absolutely, dedicated communities are the backbone of any successful project and it had been for Hive as well.

Great session! I'm pretty much boosted 😀

Espero pronto aprender inglés para poder entender estos vídeos. Saludos

I learnt a lot of things in this video, it really cool and well understand.i believe that the future of hive is bright.

Yeah, i see a future in hive with the SPK Network

Today I am very tired, I was convinced that I left a comment for you, instead I went to SPK Network, however, in any case, I repeat it rightly here too...

I will talk to some of my Italian colleagues to better understand everything, I have broadly understood something, but I don't want to lose even one iota of everything...

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The same feeling after reaching your goal and no room for complacency, that's great! Lots of energy and vision. Thanks for the reminder to keep the balance: Hive, physical and spiritual health, family and relationship-wise.

I do not understand English. But if it's something bad, I hope everything goes well. and if it's something good GG a greeting 😎🔥

Looking good. I will be posting a lot more of my Original Videos here on 3Speak.