3Speak Development Updates - Download Videos Via Torrent, Upload Videos From Mobile Browser, Schedule Videos & Many More New Features!

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Hello Everyone,

Recently we did some development changes on 3Speak & in this blog we will summarize all of them. As well as the changes below, many small fixes and performance improvements were done. Please go through each one of them and provide your feedback in the comments.

Download Videos Via Torrent

All videos uploaded after 1st January 2020 can now be downloaded by anyone through the Torrent Network.


Profile Settings

You can now update your Avatar and Cover Picture of your 3Speak Channel, inside the creator Studio.


Hive Account Linking

Hive Account linking will show error messages in the frontend in case of any issues. For example:


Also if you are trying to connect with a non-existent account then you will be presented with an opportunity to create that account.


New Queuing System

A new queuing system has been developed & enabled that takes cares of both the Video Encoding Process and Torrent creation process. A torrent is created a few minutes after the video is uploaded.

Search Results

Now, the search results are presented in a video feed format on 3Speak & automatically loads more results!


Upload Videos From Mobile Browser

You can now upload Pre-Recorded videos from the mobile browser very easily. This feature is going to help creators who are using only mobile devices or on the go!


Decline Rewards

You can now decline rewards while uploading a video using the option shown below:


Schedule Videos

One of the most awaited features!!! You can now schedule the publishing time of a video in advance.



Please try out these new features. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. You can comment below with your thoughts and suggestions or connect with us in our discord/telegram.

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What big changes dear friends @ threespeak
Congratulations to the entire development team for the great work.
We will put into practice all these changes
Have a great afternoon everyone

I'm so happy about the uploading from mobile browser feature. I've been using my phone for everything lately.

Awesome Updates! Like the Update to Plan my Videos very much!

For the German speaking users among us - just translated the article for you:

Nice one @louis88. Thank you for the translation!

Great features, especially I love the download option of torrent and schedule video... It was necessary...

Awesome. Glad you liked them @priyanarc. Please do try these features and let us know how we can improve them :)) You feedback is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for the reply, if I face any kind of issue or if any feedback needs I will definitely let you know. Thanks for these features again...

Those some great changes! Looking forward to the option to generate a post when you go live and then also be able to download the broadcast afterwards.

Hello @acidyo, thanks for your feedback. This particular feature is in the pipeline. ;) Coming soon.

Great updates and really interesting new features. The mobile upload option should help many content creators in publishing while on the go. As a suggestion, I would like to see the option of hivesigner to login in addition to having to use an email address. Thanks.

We had hivesigner earlier but it is not required anymore @jaalig, please check this: 3Speak's Login System Simplified

I see, thanks for the clarification. I'll give the new login process a try. Here's hoping that your improvements are able to attract gifted content creators and drive exponential organic growth.

Nice addition of features. Decline reward is good but are you planning to add 100% Power up in future updates? There should be variety of reward option to choose from. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback @alokkumar121, this item is on our "To Do" list.

Looking forward to have this feature soon. You guys are amazing

Nice development! Congratulations to the @threespeak team!
Hive on!

3speak keeps asking for mi active key to login, is there a way to just use the posting key?

Hello @dreamrafa, we do not save private active or posting key on our servers. For verification of your account, only public key is used.

Where can i find my public key?, i only know the privates... Also why it keeps asking my active key? posting key should be enough...


Well as you see the box clearly ask for my private active key... whats going on with that?

lookin really good!

I likey. You guys are doing such a great job.

Fantastic news

You guys are doing a fantastic job. Weldone.

We will soon start here!

Super! It's getting better and better. Scheduling videos is an amazing improvement.

I'll check it out, still new to hive

Just getting into the video making on the platform, and coool features got implemented. I guess Iv'e been long awaited.. .😀

This is really good news.

Wow..these so many features will help us to use 3speak smoothly and make this platform more creator-friendly.
One feature can be added to change the thumbnail after uploading the video.

That's good feedback @chetanpadliya, thanks a lot. We will see the feasibility of this feature and implement it if possible.

Wow, the mobile uploads is the one everyone was waiting, great work.

It is always great to get on the progress path. With so many added features people definately try ton use it more....hope to see more traffic on the platform

Yes @steemflow, we are positive. 3Speak is the 5th most used HIVE DApp. Plan is to reach #1 ;)

Glad to be associated in the endevour...all the best..👍

Awesome! Glad to see these updates! Thank you @threespeak for your hard work.
Wish you all the best!

Loving this platform! Keep up the good work!

Great very useful development we have now. Thanks for making @threespeak userfriedly.

Finally mobile upload!!!

This is amazing, 3speak is becoming into the 3.0 web era.

Hive the best

Waooo! Bunch of amazing updates. Thanks for keeping up with 3Speak, above all the new features, the schedule is our top notch.

Good to see the mobile browser update, I think, sometimes back I saw a POC of an android app. When is the plan to provide mobile app ?

Mobile App is in the pipeline but for now uploading from Mobile Browser works just fine. Please do try the feature. :)

Great job, Cool development. 3Speak is the future of video sharing.

Thank you @sadikulaziz, it certainly is. ;)

Thank you so much for the wonderful platform !!!


This is really Great ... All the credit goes to the Developer ... We will surely put it into practice and will make good use of it and will make most of it ... A good afternoon to all of you

It feels good to see many great updates coming up for a better service.

I tried the mobile option to upload videos and I was gladly surprised of how intuitive and easy to use it was.

Keep up the good work. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Thank you so much @marian0, glad you liked the new feature. We hope it helps creators to upload videos on the go. ;)

Do you like this kind of content?

The mobile option is great. For places with limited data would be great to choose smaller resolution, or audio only.

That was great! What I like is the posting video scheduled! We can upload more and schedule when it will be published! 😉

Those new features are killing it! Thinking about making videos for 3speak about SEO. Congrats on the devwork

These features are so nice...i am going to try three speaks one of thrse days.. i am just camera shy

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This is a great news for hivers spansih community. Congratulations @threespeak, regards from Venezuela.

Superb updates and many people are waiting for these important updates. Thanks for this. Glad ☻

Great update, hopefully (I believe) it will be much more easier in near future as you guys are doing great in every manner.


Nice update! I actually like Schedule Videos option. I can upload my videos anytime and add the publishing time.
Thanks for the update.

excellent i use very much my cellphone... great!!

My friend encountered the linking of her hive account a few hours ago and glad it was already resolved. It was kinda different when I created my threespeak account. This is nice! Thanks! And thank you for dropping by!

@threespeak, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Dolphin!

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why it takes too much time after uploading a video.only showing queued for encoding.