3SPEAK'S AMA LIVESTREAM - Sunday, 21st June 2020 // 500 HIVE GIVEAWAY

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Hello Hive, we would like to invite all of you to the first ever AMA livestream session ft. @starkerz & @theycallmedan, Co-Founders of 3Speak.

📅 Date: 21st June, 2020
🕛Time: 10am PT or 6pm BST
🎥 Place: https://3speak.online/user/threespeak/live

Topics To Be Discussed

◾ User Growth
◾ State of The Current Application
◾ Hive Community Leaders Program
◾ Twitter Madness Campaign
◾ Citizen Journalists
◾ 3Shorts
◾ Leaderboard & Use of Our Vote By Creators to Reward Their Followers

Big Announcement:

◾ Open Source Details & Future Vision of 3Speak.

500 Hive Giveaway

◾ Participate in the live session and get a chance to win HIVE Tokens for answering questions during the end of the session just before AMA. 500 HIVE tokens will be distributed among selected winners at 3Speak's discretion.


◾ This will be the last section of the stream where viewers can ask their questions from @starkerz and @theycallmedan.

We are looking forward to catch up with all of you. Cheers!

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Oh wow nice one. Booked for the calendar questions ready and what a great opportunity to invite others. Looking forward to this.. Thanks for setting this up :)

This stream is going to bring a lot of goodness. Looking forward to spilling the beans!

Wow! Will be joining you guys for sure. Cannot wait for it.

This is going to be amazing!!! Looking forward to it. ✌✌ See you in the livestream 😎

I'll be looking forward to it, thanks for the information

it is amazing i have many question to ask so it will be really awesome i need to adjust time,,

Will be there live

Will it be questions in advance, or just on the day?

I'll look forward to it!

Sounds awesome! Can’t wait!

How cool! I'm afraid I gonna miss it, 3am here in Australia ;(

I'm in! Reblog!!! (^_^)

Excellent! I'll be there.

stream DIRECTLY on 3speak
THAT is decent!

Best ...
I look forward to this live stream ...

sure we will be there, thanks for publishing the invitation on this special day and more to know hive blog and learn more ....

I'm looking forward to this stream and my calender reminder is set. I'm particularly excited about the topics of discussion and have my questions ready, will also wanna know that the future holds for 3speaks

Date pinned, this will surely be a great session with things to pick up and learn

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hello this is great i mean the topics are very interested and i am really want to know Future Vision of 3Speak and as a 3speak user i am really excited for these all things. ♥

Wow. I'll look forward to it. I hope I don't miss it

Excellent initiative, there we will be accompanying the growth of the beehive of the hand of this fabulous community. Thank you , team @threespeak...

I must be there!

Is this going to happen today? The live streams on 3Speak seem to be down. Giving a 502 error. https://3speak.online/livestreams

I'm now waiting for it and hanging out on telegram.