3Speak's Full Node Update!

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Hello Hive,

3Speak is operating a full HIVE node currently. More full nodes will make the blockchain more decentralized and independent of a single entity or group. It also increases the chain stability.

We are excited to announce the commencement of a Full node on Hive in addition to our witness.

Last night we had a great kick off meeting for the Hive Community Leaders Inititative, in which we are working with some great community leaders around the world to help grow HIVE's name around social media! This initiative will help us spread the word about HIVE deep inside the geographical locations all over the world.

3Speak Full Node.png

Technical Details

Hive Full Node with account history + Hivemind, using the standard Privex dual-steemd configuration for fast replays and ensuring partial operation even if one Hive instance crashes.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core / 16 Threads @ 3.6ghz

  • 64GB DDR4

  • 4x 1TB PCIe NVMe drives in RAID 10 (2TB usable with 2 drive failure tolerance)

  • 1GBPS unmetered network

Hosted by Privex Inc. in Helsinki, Finland.

If you want to purchase or invest in Privex servers to host full Hive node, use our Referral link: https://www.privex.io/?r=3speak

Highly Recommended. Huge shoutout to @someguy123!

Setup Your Own Hive Witness or Seed node

You can follow this guide by @someguy123: How to set up a Hive Witness or Seed node (non-MIRA) / Upgrade from Steem-Docker to Hive-Docker

Do you like our work?

Vote for @threespeak on https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses or vote through HiveSigner





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This is great. I also want to express my gratitude for the torrent links on your site. My connection apparently is lacking, and for a few days when the torrent links were down, and before I started using them, video was laggy, and very frustrating to watch.

When I dl them first, I am blessed by an uninterrupted viewing experience, which dramatically improves it.


Glad to know about this good news

Oh! Wow! But how much the investment needed? Is there a minimum amount for the investment in Privex servers? I did almost run as a witness and my computer are all ready, but suddenly bad things happened. First, one of my Filipino friend state that he will do everything for not supporting me as a witness and accuse me of not respecting the girls. 2nd, bad things happened. My power supply break down! Now I am buying 800 Watts Power Supply ones I have my money.

Is it enough the 2TB HDD and 64GB DDR4 RAM and CORE-i7? I would like to support my poor country, the Philippines. We have no any whales to support our works. We are depending to all of you guys. Thank you so much to @threespeak and to other whales and dolphins, especially to all witnesses.

Awesome work guys! I'm spreading the great news to all the hispanic community! Thank you so much for all the awesome work that you do to make our community bigger and bigger!

Hallo @threespeak and community! Can anyone advise me as to why it might be impossible for me to upload a video in the past couple of days? I've tried about 20 times... Getting an error message and being told to contact the support team, but not sure how or where to do that... :-) Any guidance would be MUCH appreciated - I'm not so savvy about the tech language on Hive/ PeakD, but would appreciate where to begin in educating myself!

@clareartista, As you probably realise, we are having trouble with the platform. When it is working properly, come and join our discord https://discord.me/3speak and you can send an email to support, if you still have difficulties.

Thank you so much for letting me know this, @threespeak! I will keep at it - I love 3Speak, and am happy to wait patiently for things to stabilise... :-) Happy day and good work to you all!

We are completely supporting @threespeak as a witness! You guys doing an amazing job!

It is super update boom boom 3speak

I have been trying to connect my HIVE account to my @threespeak account, but it isn't working.

I first enter my account name and it works fine. Then when I enter the private posting key and click next the website stops responding. When I refresh the whole process starts again and never gets completed.

When I enter the wrong private posting key, it gives me an error, but when I enter the correct one it says nothing? What's up with that?

@marki99, as you probably realise, we are having trouble with the platform. When it is working properly, come and join our discord https://discord.me/3speak and you can send an email to support, if you still have difficulties.

Does this mean faster uploading also? I will try to upload a short video later. Thank you very much!

I’m so happy to hear this.

Keep up the good work Team 3Speak

Great Update,
Awesome community, Awesome Speed, Awesome Freedom!
Let's Test everything with threespeak!

Awesome! I just wish I would find my Gopro Hero camera again.
It has to be somewhere in my house, where I left / lost it many months ago.

It's so d*mn small that's it's extremely hard to find!

Yeah buddies! Keep it up the excellent work you're doing!!💪🙌✌️

Good news! It helps the decentralization aspect of #Hive. ❤😊🚀

Nice newz

Great news. Congratulations.

Nice update...

this is the fantastic and much needed update because this is required for chain stability. glad to hear this. ♥

@threespeak, I am not good with the knowledge of Technical Specifications but i want to appreciate you for your Upgradation and this update post.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always team.

I like you work... I have some technical video to share by 3SPEAK. Could there be a function inside the platform to enclose some videos in a single type?